GPS devices really only work outside with direct line-of-sight views of multiple GPS satellites so be sure to do this next part outside. VisiWave will then record both information about the passive APs in the area and more detailed information about the currently associated active access point. Radio wave strengths are difficult to predict. Transferring a license to another computer for the purposes of sharing a license is not permitted. You are able to make small changes to your view of the data that immediately highlight significant characteristics of your wireless coverage.

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You will then be prompted to run in Report Only mode. To transfer VisiWave Site Survey to a new computer, you just need to release the license from the original computer first.

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Plug in the Wi-Spy while visiwave site survey Wi-Fi survey data and VisiWave can use it to get a noise level so you can map Signal-to-Noise levels instead of just signal levels. Repeat this until the entire survey area is covered.

Sign up for access to the VisiWave Online Training Course and learn all aspects of performing a site survey and creating sitee reports. We know this isn’t ideal, but this lets us provide you with a trial version that has no other differences and lets you try out VisiWave with no delays or hassles.


A maintenance release of VisiWave v4. If VisiWave isn’t still installed sit the original computer, then just re-install and re-register VisiWave on that computer and then release it.

VisiWave Site Survey

Yes, VisiWave works on Windows 8. The other possibility is that your Visisave Radius is set too small. Radio wave strengths are difficult to predict.

You can opt-out of these emails at any time by sending email to support visiwave. This can be done without leaving your desk long before the survey area even exists in the read world. Does VisiWave Site Survey do active surveys as well as passive surveys?

VisiWave Site Survey v3. You can upgrade to these new releases for a fee, if you wish visiwave site survey. Assuming you still have activations remaining, your license will be immediately available to activate on a new computer. This sufvey shows how VisiWave integrates with Chanalyzer. VisiWave Traffic is a new way to analyze wireless traffic.

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Wi-Spy Canada : VisiWave Site Survey Software

Load your survey file and accurately set the scale. VisiWave Site Survey Pro adds the ability to create predictive site surveys. See the packets form a visiwave site survey as they travel from source to destination. How do I upgrade to the latest maintenance release?

To perform an active survey with VisiWave, just make sure to connect to the wireless network before you capture data. Or use a Wi-Spy to create an interference graph that clearly shows any problem areas.


With VisiWave, you can use Google Earth to visualize your wireless networks. Instead of having you purchase a plan up front just in case you want to upgrade to the next version, we let you decide when the major release is available if it is something you want to pay for.

See the packets form a network as they travel from source to destination. This device allows you to collect background interference along with Wi-Fi data when doing a visiwave site survey survey with VisiWave. So, VisiWave uses your normal wireless adapter to get signal strengths visiwave site survey surrounding APs. A small target icon will be place on the survey map where VisiWave thinks the AP is located.

Save that to a separate survey file. Enter the same order number and license code then only select “Creating Predictive Surveys”. The other way to perform a survey in an area without a network installed is to use a temporary AP or multiple temporary APs.

The closer to zero, the stronger the signal.