Napisano Luty 14, Nice, Thx for all! Switch Aimhack targets [Right Control]: Resizable, movable, textured or wireframe mode, shows everything you could possibly need to see in the game plus more. That is, if you can find it. Dajcie chociaz jakies streszczenie po polsku, bo ja nie umiem angielskiego: Good job to all the beta testers and whoever were working with it.

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Dajcie chociaz jakies streszczenie po polsku, bo ja nie umiem angielskiego: Shows the gun name in the lower left corner of the screen, lets you select which gun you would like to spawn. Napisano Marzec 25, You will give soldat 1.4.2 to Coyote on the Anarchy Network forums regarding any bugs or glitches. As it is a beta, not all of the features from the previous 1.

Bo to jest forum o haxach? The Soldat 1.4.2 bypass is my publicly released Battleye bypass. Lets you move your vision around the entire map. Aiming guide is a sniper line on steroids. Not all I have to do is wait for all my favorite servers to update to 1. Soldat Community Wiki is the largest database containing sodlat and information regarding various Soldat subjects.



Czy wystarczy po prostu zaintastalowac hacka? Eddy Major 1 Posts: A warning will appear on the console when this is about to happen, at which point you have about thirty seconds to leave.

Also, it makes people visible in realistic mode when you are not suppossed to see them. Sorry, this feature is passworded for now. It shows you, with very good approximation, the path that your bullets will take. Across-the-map shots are still possible. Napisano Luty 25, August 11, Yeah i love Soldat. Instantly Pick Up Health. Turn it off if you don’t mind crazy aiming stunts, such as shooting soldat 1.4.2 at people behind you.

Be sure to check the readme cause there are some changes in the scripts directory structure. Napisano Luty 14, Music playing after intro is a feature so you can listen to the music while solvat the menus. Did you miss your activation email? By using, looking at, editing, decompiling, modifying, debugging, reverse engineering, or soldat 1.4.2 thinking about doing any of the above to these files, you agree that:.


If there are any problems with fonts in the menu please restart the system after solda. Lobby server might need request clicks to work. Fear not, I am constantly working on my hack. If minimap is disabled on server you can still see the map overview, this is soldat 1.4.2 feature introduced in 1.

It is your own responsibility if software is damaged or lost.


Good job to all the beta testers and whoever were working with it. Use it in conjunction with the Aiming Guide for some sodlat distance sniping.

Nice, Thx for all! Now you can see where dangerous and healing polygons are.