This is encrypted as of version 2. The first thing you need to do is add in another network: Every number has a special context, every Format-Parameter must match to the english Pattern. So, these commands are helpful:. The setting takes place, after the command was issued. It’s set enabled in standard, so just remove it from config. When your host offers devices which use the IPv6 Protocoll as well, you can use this hosts by setting them as vhosts, and by listening on them if you also connect from outside to this host via IPv6.

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Psybnc used to keep a connection to irc and your irc client psybnc, or also allows to act as a normal bouncer by disconnecting from the irc server when the client disconnects. Once you have all these options set, you have two choices: Maybe your nick was used, so psyBNC had to change it.

If you use an SSL compatible client that you’d like listed here, send me the info and psybnc link at jestrix at jestrix dot net. Up to Version 2.


Something like mypsy1 will work just fine. That is done via: The host is the host psybnc the bot. If available, we strongly recommend using a guide written for the version of Ubuntu you are using. If you want to create a language Psybnc for you country.

Someone got a polish or slovenian dictonary? This is not a tutorial on Psygnc so I will not get into it. The setting takes place, after the command was issued. Commands for this purpose are: So psybnc just can be connected to ircnet and efnet with only one client programm running on your home box.

How to install psybnc on shell / xShellz

I only support usage of this psybnc on linux, but maybe with enough feedback for other platforms. It supports full logging of Messages psybnc traffic channel traffic included into Version 2.

Providerowners possibly would like to disable this function. That way is recommended.

An Introduction to psyBNC

You can encrypt psybnc sent to a channel or a person. If not, well, welcome to my world ; With menuconfig, the Psybc is very easy to follow: Now navigate back by pressing escape and select exit twice. If everything goes well, you’ll see this when you connect: Name it My BNC or something like that, enter the IP and port, and enter the password that you chose either through menuconfig or in the conf file.


The next step is to decompress this file. You can join channels, part them, add modes, kick, ban, set topics, as like on original IRC. In your irc client, open up the connect dialogue box psybnc add in another server. Everything in unix is case-sensitive. Here’s the commands to do it: Otheriwse, you’ll always stay connected psybnc irc unless you force it to quit.

osybnc The multinetworking can make problems in rejoining and resolving channel names. Now you need to get connected to irc: After your vhost is selected, you’ll need to add in some irc servers, psybnc set a few other options.

You can do so by first adding Freenode to your server psybnc by doing the following command:. Just use the command above again.