Knowing that One Eye now kills to provide food for her pups, Leafie allowed herself to be killed and eaten by One Eye so her babies wouldn’t starve, resulting in the weasel mourning for Leafie’s selfless sacrifice. Leafie , also known as Daisy in the english version, is the main protagonist and title character of the South Korean animated film, Leafie, A Hen into the Wild. Share this Rating Title: Leafie witnesses the battle and Wanderer is killed by One-Eye, leaving Leafie upset. This page was last edited on 6 October , at Wanderer – Nagnae voice Cheol-min Park

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What do Daisy and her son learn about their love for each other?

Leafie: A Hen into the Wild Movie Review

See how leafie hen into the wild rate. Animation movies about birds! Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Retrieved from ” http: Leafie heard the commotion and comes upon a nest that had a single egg, to which she begins to take care of. NR 93 minutes. Archived from the original on 27 January There are some scary scenes here of cramped and dead chickens, some growls and scary fights, and a few key deaths, so kids who aren’t used to death as a common theme or the bleaker nature of existence may be thrown.

One Eye (Leafie, A Hen into the Wild)

Leafie hen into the wild Oh Sung-yoon struggled for more than twenty years as an animator under adverse economic circumstances before finally debuting with this feature film. Archived from the original on 10 July The parents’ guide to what’s in this movie. She suddenly witnesses Greenie being pinned down by a hungry One Eye, and during the confrontation, discovered that the baby weasels she has been taking care of was One Eye’s. For Your Family Log in Sign me up. Otter, and both Leafie and Greenie reconcile after Mr.


Otter and Greenie, as she flies with him. One Eye recovered from the strike shortly afterward and pinned down Greenie, but stopped the attack when she discovered Leafie was standing over her newborn pups in the den the hen was keeping the pups warm and was unaware of them being One Eye’s offspring.

Historically South Korean animated features have struggled to draw viewers. Leafie is a hen who manages to escape the horrible conditions of an egg production line. Additional ducks and chickens voice Ah-rim Kim Leafie escapes the farm with Greenie and Mr. In the censored leafie hen into the wild of the film, One Eye lunging at Leafie is not shown, and she is not seen dragging away the body.

During the confrontation, the baby weasels Leafie had been caring for are revealed to be One-Eye’s offspring.

Leafie, A Hen into the Wild – Wikipedia

After Wanderer’s death, the egg hatches into a duckling that imprints on Leafie, thinking that the hen is his mother. Kid, 12 years te May 26, Wanderer accepts Leafie’s intended care of the egg for a few days, meaning to exact revenge on One-Eye and ensure their protection. After the competition, Leafie wonders alone and finds a nest of baby weasels, to which she begins to take care of.


Keep track lnto everything you watch; tell your friends. Leafie leafid, also known as Daisy in the english version, is the main protagonist and title character of the South Korean animated film, Leafie, A Hen into the Wild. After the competition, Leafie finds a nest of baby weasels which she begins to take care of.

She, at one point, captured a female duck from Greenie’s new flock and was making her way back to her den to eat the fowl, but stopped halfway when she noticed Leafie’s footprints leading back to her den.

Leafie returns to the Farm to join the group of farm animals who reside outside the egg farm in the yard, but the barnyard rooster argues with Leafie and refuses to allow her into his flock, insisting that her place is to simply spend her life laying eggs. Leafie’s friend, Chirpiealerts Leafie about Greenie being captured by the farmer and rushes to his rescue, saving Greenie from having his wings clipped.

Column 4 Our impact report: One eye shedding tears as she is about to kill Leafie.