Cable faces the mockery of everyone he tells about his discovery. He digs and discovers an abundant supply of water. Critics have called The Ballad of Cable Hogue a “Death of the West” film, depicting the transition from old to modern civilization. When they do, Cable outwits them, by throwing rattlesnakes into the pit they have dug. Four days later, about to perish, he stumbles upon a muddy pit.

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Je ne me noierai pas dans ce dasert mystique Calexico ballad of cable hogue ferme mes comptes et je repars Love is passa and love is obsolete Some spend their whole lives searching for a heart of gold I’m tired of treading water in this desert mystique I’m cashing in my chips before I ride Do me a favor while I’m hanging here Take this gold and go and hide don’t twist too hard darlin’ on your hangin’ rope Don’t worry I’ll be free in no time She promised me she would be there when I’d return She didn’t say she’d have a whole army there as well She whispered, “j’taime baby” as she fired that gun at me it’s getting late and I’m running out of time I should’ve stayed way out yonder Better off with the scorpions and snakes Every act which has no heart will be found out in the end Guess I’m a little late this time Cause her love would be the death of mine Mine, all mine Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.


Peckinpah, A Portrait in Montage. The car runs over him as he pushes Bowen out of the way. In retrospect, it was a damaging career move.


There’s also no gold in the story. Largely ignored upon its release, The Ballad of Cable Hogue has been rediscovered in recent years and aclexico often calexico ballad of cable hogue by critics as an example of the breadth of Peckinpah’s talent. They are grieving not only the death of the man but the era he represents. Hildy arrives at Cable Springs having been “asked” to leave by the modernizing townfolk, who can no longer abide open prostitution in their midst.

Sam Peckinpah followed his cab,e, critically acclaimed film The Wild Bunch with this mostly non-violent Western. She tells Cable that she will leave for San Francisco in the morning but winds up staying with him for three weeks. The Ballad of Cable Hogue Theatrical release poster.

It’s still an enjoyable song though, and, even though I typically dislike Westerns, it was still a good movie. The critical and box office hits Deliverance and Jeremiah Johnson were in development at the time and Peckinpah was considered the first choice to direct them. Retrieved from ” https: Jerry Goldsmith Richard Gillis.

General Comment I watched the movie because of this song, and I was surprised by the lack of similarities between the two.

This one does stop and Calexico ballad of cable hogue emerges, opulently dressed. He calexuco but while he loads the motorcar he accidentally trips its brake. Cable, who hesitates to defend himself, is disarmed and abandoned to almost certain death. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We do not have any tags for Ballad of Cable Hogue lyrics. Joshua, who arrives by a black motorcycle with a hotuegives a eulogy for Cable as he dies.


That does not deter him from buying 2 acres 0.

The Ballad of Cable Hogue Lyrics

Ballad of Cable Hogue is found on the album Hot Rail. Why not add your own? The drivers laugh at the archaic scene of western violence as they race past. General Comment French has always been my favourite language. This segues into a funeral with the cast standing mournfully over Cable’s grave. Joshua doubts the legitimacy of Cable’s claim to the spring, calexico ballad of cable hogue Cable to race into town to file at the land office. I like the french version therefore more.

Cable takes mercy on the grovelling Bowen. Cakexico first paying customer is the Rev. Four days later, about to perish, he stumbles upon a muddy pit. While unmistakably a Western, the movie is unconventional for the genre and for the director. Cable faces the mockery of everyone he tells about his discovery. User does not exist.