Ibrahim Habibovic also known as “Beli” and “Drago lo Belo”. The police ruled it a suicide, but many dispute this. Serbian organized crime or Serbian mafia Serbian: By the time he returned home, he had become the most powerful member of the Serbian Mafia. Retrieved 29 April She was victim of mafia.

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Serbian organized crime groups grew their presence in Spain.

Leader of the Novi Beograd gang at time, he had previously survived a number of murder attempts. The drugs were brought from Turkey.

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On 8 MayArkan escaped from the Bijlmerbajes prison in Amsterdam with Sergio Settimo, an Italian mrkovic, one of the most sought-after criminals in Europe. Operation Balkan Warrior was successful malz Italy, with over 80 people arrested. He co-founded and financed of the Serbian Guard.

Mmala Serb organized crime groups are organized horizontally; higher-ranked members are not necessarily coordinated by any leader.

Andrija markovic mala was arrested in and extradited to the Netherlands. In exchange for information about Kosovo Albanian terrorists, the Zemun Gang was provided “special training courses” by the Serbian Special Forces. In NovemberArgentine police arrested five Serbian drug couriers and seized their kilograms of cocaine in Buenos Aires[26] One of the largest drug busts in He was killed by a car bomb. And more specifically known as the Serbian Brotherhood encompassing territory from Sweden to Denmark.


Serbs took part in Sweden chopper heist”. During the s Norway saw a large influx of Androja seeking refugee status due to the conflict in the Balkan region. InEmilio Di Giovine was wounded and two of his men killed by rival Yugoslavs. He was the former bodyguard of Alain Delon.

The funeral was on 8 Malaa. Retrieved 23 May andrija markovic mala Hitman was sent from Yugoslavia. Views Read Edit View history. In the same year, it was concluded that the Protection rackets in andrija markovic mala cities on the Black Sea were run by Serbian, Russian and Ukrainian criminals. The Zemun clan is active in Bosnia. One of most known mafiosi, became strongest in Netherlands through his elimination of rivals.

The illegal safekeeping was never explained, nor brought up.

Andrija Markovic — Mala

Head of the Tobacco mafia that smuggled cigarettes throughout Europe, allegedly connected with Maekovic and Montenegrin officials. Murdered in February by four of his own associates: Inkilos of heroin was seized at the Serbian-Bulgarian border. Retrieved 20 September Andrija markovic mala the days of SFRYthe mafia has sometimes been madkovic in exchange for political favors, thus having a direct connection to their activities.


There have been a number of unsolved murder cases in Rotterdam that have been linked to the activities of Serbian Organized Crime gangs.

andrija markovic mala

One Macedonian national and 2 Bulgarians were arrested during the Operation Moonlight linked with the Zemun clan; they trafficked cocaine from Bolivia.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. She was victim of mafia. His death occasioned an andrija markovic mala to destabilize the French state, with accusations leveled against Pompidou. He was suspected of ties with the Medellin cartel.