I would have been very happy with the addition of the basic keyer to After Effects, but Keylight is a huge bonus to the After Effects toolset. First of all Keylight offers a set of different view of the results in different stages of the process. See Use a hold-out matte. Mark Christiansen provides tips and techniques for using Keylight in an excerpt from his book After Effects Studio Techniques: When you key out a value, all pixels that have colors or luminance values similar to that value become transparent.

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Twenty year veteran instructor in all things computer graphics. Add the Simple Choker and other effects as needed to refine the matte. It was shot on DV under pretty bad circumstances. Consider parenting one to the other. I think Keylight is almost worth the price of keyylight upgrade alone. Click on “View” and select “Status.

Well, as you can probably tell I’m after effect keylight plugin. In fact, simply eye after effect keylight plugin color with Keylight will often do the trick, when using the preset. Keying makes it easy to replace a background, which is especially useful when you work with objects too complex to mask easily. Tips for keying with After Effects. I would have been very happy with the addition of the basic keyer to After Effects, but Keylight is a huge bonus to the After Effects toolset.

Some keying effects—such as the Color Key effect and the Luma Key effect—have been superseded by more modern effects like Keylight. Use footage with the least color subsampling possible—for example, 4: To key dark areas or shadows, use the Extract Key on the Luminance channel.


If you don’t have Magic Bullet, try this: Tips on color keying and compositing from experienced compositor, Chris Zwar.

Keying in After Effects

On this page Keying introduction and resources Use a garbage matte Use a hold-out matte. Unless you are sure that you won’t find a single composition job on your doormat for a long time, I’d seriously consider upgrading to the Professional Edition of After Effects 6. Add the Advanced Spill Suppressor effect to remove traces of the key color, and then use one or more of the other Matte effects, if necessary.

Then all the tools in the Keylight effect are explained, including why and when after effect keylight plugin need them, with very clear examples – the used images can be downloaded for practice at The Foundry. To create this effect, the actor is filmed in an appropriate position against a solid-color background screen.

How to Remove a Green Screen in Adobe After Effects |

The Foundry is well known in the industry for other high-quality plugins like the Tinderbox series that are also available for After Effects.

It won’t be very effective if you try to use it as a luminosity keyer, so it’s always good to have a couple of different tools at hand.

Depending on which plugon editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Besides the keyer you get matte tools, color correction with separate controls for edge color correction, inner and outer mask tools Set the transfer mode of the adjustment layer to [Color].


updated Keylight plug-in available for After Effects CC and After Effects CC 2014

Skip to main content. Adobe After Effects has the proper tools to easily remove the green screen and clean up any noise. Many compression algorithms, especially the algorithms used in DV, HDV, and Motion JPEG, discard subtle variations in blue—which may be necessary to create a good key from a bluescreen.

For footage that requires keyframes for multiple interacting properties, use Hold interpolation. Well, this article was supposed to be a sneak peak so After effect keylight plugin going to pick up the pace a little: This way you slightly blur the colors without touching the luminance, so the image is perceived as sharp, but some of the DV artifacts are removed.

At that point in time Keylight for AE was still in beta and the Foundry states that in fact the After Effects version of Keylight is a further developed algorithm and effectively a 2. The resulting matte looks a lot better, and this within a minute or two! He is an expert on wrestling, movies and television.