There are 2 correct answers to this question. As the timespan between an ABAP requested is being loaded into the program buffer till the request processing is finished. Which system parameters are used to set RFC quotas? Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. An SQL statement that causes the database to read many blocks from disk or database buffer. In the transaction Workload Monitor ST03n , what is he main indicator of poor database performance?

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Survey Maker Flashcards See All. What are some of the evaluation criteria for the impact of SQL statements on adm315 Which RFC type is used if you want to establish communication with a remote system, but don’t want to wait for the resuit for further processing?

Which of the following transactions show historical data? A copy of this quiz is adm315 your dashboard.

The database is updated and the buffer of the current application server is invalidated. Application program data that corresponds to specific ABAP commands, such as “export to adm315.

Perform a detailed analysis of adm315 memory configuration of the SAP system. By updating the statistics, so the optimizer will create an appropriate index.

SAP Adm – ProProfs Quiz

Without extended memory, a release of allocated memory adm315 the OS paging file would not be possible. Which profile parameters control the buffer synchronization? Optimize the database interface adm315 that unneeded data is not being paged out. The status of an individual work process, for example, waiting, running, on hold, etc.


I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Adm315. Please take the quiz to rate it. Xdm315 SQL statement that causes the database to read more adm315 from disk adm35 buffer than required. If it is a database process, you use the database monitor ST04 and check if this activity can be tuned or moved to another time. The large size of extended memory avoids context switches where possible.

Which check do you perform in which transaction? When you are investigating a database performance issue you find an often used expensive SQL statement that is doing a full table scan to access a small amount of data.

SAP Adm315

What are some of the reasons for using the extended memory concept in SAP systems? How can you improve the performance of adm315 query? Which system parameters are used to set RFC quotas? What is stored in extended memory? Already have an account? Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. As the timespan between the browser sends a request to the backend till asm315 completely rendered the response. There are 3 correct answers to this question. In the transaction Workload Monitor ST03nwhat is he main indicator adm315 poor database performance?


Which RFC profile provides information about function modules in other systems that are called from this adm315 Tables with a high number of invalidations. No suitable index exists. What could be possible countermeasures?

AS ABAP – Performance Analysis

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You set some of key fields for a table to determine the data to be buffered during access.

Shared memory is accessible only by dialog adm315 processes of one instance. As the timespan between the roll-in and the roll-out of a work process is once completed.