We have a bipolar situation where either the Mythology is seen from the perspective of people, not native to India or people who are native but preach too much. In which case, I have a few doubts. The author has presented beautiful paintings and pictures of god and goddess to convey his ideas. The author has given a rational approach to the Purusha- Prakriti concept which has helped making this book an intriguing one. His name is Shiva.

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Who is this God who acts like a hermit devoid of family, commitments and emotion and yet has a huge following of ganas, wives and sons? His Devdutt’s genius mastery on Hindu Mythology, blew me away and I made my mind to read his books. Let me tell you why. Shiva, the Destroyer of Fear!! Apr 13, Sri Harsha rated it really liked it. So, here it is.

Works Translated in Hindi | Devdutt

I can see it appealing to many readers though, especially those who have an interest in the genre. Hindus believe that there are three bodies, the mental, the physical and the subconscious memories which could be pattanalk of fears and resulting prejudices which also create hunger. Learn how your comment data is processed. Culture distracts man from outgrowing the beast and discovering humanity.

Go bask in the glory of the Lord https: Ganesha who is more attached to Shakti is the god of prosperity and Muruga is the war lord who wards away all fear of predator. So this book is supposed to be about understanding the myths around Shiva. It is described that Yoni, the pot dripping water on linga, revdutt Sakthi who helps Shiva to reflect shia humans. Initially I thought that the author was trying to explain what Shiva is by contrasting him against Bhrama.


He understands what they can mean or rather edvdutt they should mean. It’s an enlightening book and throws light on various practices and dharma followed. This is the greatest learning – knowing why one an action is done in a certain way, other than the fact that it has been done that way for generations.

7 Secrets Of Shiva Ebooks – PDF Drive

What made much difference here is the portrayal of all the relevant photos with explanation, whenever he try to explain some facts about God. His name is Shiva. My 3 year old was asking abt this book and I told a story from this one.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. People who dont have much knowledge about Hindu God Shiva, then this is a must read.

And it makes statements in a very crass and weird way. I think what Devdut Pattanaik attempts to do through this book 7 Secrets of Shiva is to unfurl some of the beliefs and mythical stories that exist when it comes to Lord Shiva, and also look at possible logic behind these mythical stories.

The reason behind depicting God and Godess as humans was to make it easier for us humans to understand these concepts easily.


You sure will be amazed by the extend of insight, the author has provided.

Devdutt Pattanaik born December 11, is an Indian physician turned leadership consultant, mythologist and author whose works focus largely on the areas of myth, mythology, and also management. Devdutt, beyond the shadow of a doubt, holds vast knowledge of pattanaik Hindu Mythology.

Seven Secrets of Shiva

Notify me of new posts via email. The author also explains about sati’s marriage to shiva, impact of her death on him and why he treats devas and asuras equally also how he is different from Lord Vishnu?.

Somehow, everything fell into place; I had been wanting to read Devdutt and on top of that my curiosity towards Shiva is unparalleled. Who is Bhairava, shankara, Bholenath and Nataraja?

Women can be hermits and also refuse to bear children, but they cannot represent the idea of disengagement because the female body can be forced to bear a child. Mar 24, Priyanka Pathak rated it it was amazing. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A male hermit represents the rejection of that choice; he cannot be forced to make a woman pregnant.