Reza Sadeghi – Niaz. He has the most dynamic style in the group, in terms of flow and rhymes. Reza Sadeghi – Ghobare Baroon. ZedBazi — Dasstane Maa. He plays the guitar, the drums, and the piano. Reza Sadeghi – Mojezeh []. Reza Sadeghi – Adat

zedbazi amade bash mp3

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Reza Sadeghi – Lahzeye Didar. He grew up singing rock songs, and still releases qmade or 3 songs each year as Mehrad Hidden. Armin 2afm ft hadi.

Amade Bash

An over night success. His signature is his raspy voice and sometimes melodic voice.

zedbazi amade bash mp3

Graphic descriptions of sexual encounters, the consumption of narcotics and violence were not familiar topics to Iranian listeners. He often uses dark humor to convey his point.

Saman Jalili – Forsate Zendegi Reza Sadeghi – Payane Dovom Reza Sadeghi – Maro Bash. His rapping style often gets overshadowed by His demanding voice; Mehrad Hidden’s voice is one of the most well known voices in Iranian Hip-Hop.


Reza Sadeghi – Toyee Aghoshee To. Reza Sadeghi – Azabe Akhar. His ,p3 “Hes mikonim sexy shodim” in The summer is short, amadf Kootaheh” and “Tehran shode dige New Yorkam” or “Laabat toppolo daaghan, emshab baram fogholadan” are some of Persian Raps most famous phrases. Reza Sadeghi – Sahme Ma. Zedbazi — Bi Hess. ZedBazi was the first music group in Iran that used Explicit lyrics in their music. Reza Sadeghi – Baram Doa Kon.

zedbazi amade bash mp3

Reza Sadeghi – Nemikham. Armin 2afm – Eshghe Man Bash. Reza Sadeghi – Sobhi Digar[]. Reza Sadeghi – Malakoot. ZedBazi — Coocooli Koo.

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Reza Sadeghi – Ey Daad. Saman Jalili – Bi Gharar. Hossein Estiri Ft 2afm – Eshgh Aval. Reza Sadeghi – Adat He also serves as a producer in the group alongside Mehrad Hidden. Zedbazi — Chonke Divoonatam. Reza Sadeghi – Kojaei. He plays the guitar, the drums, and the piano.


He is probably the most controversial member of ZedBazi. Reza Sadeghi – Golam.

Amade Bash-zed bazi mp3 download

Reza Sadeghi – Jashne Ramezan. He also serves as one of the groups producers along side Alireza JJ.

zedbazi amade bash mp3

Armin 2afm – Ghalbam.