His grace is for ALL! The overall presentation of Mr. Frances Dismore This has always been my favorite song and Mr. Diane Ellis His amazing voice and of course the words and music. There is nothing particularly religious about it. Stay committed to seeing and feeling and living the absolute truth of who I am, who you are and the only real purpose in this life-to love.

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Thank God that His Amazing Grace is available no matter your race, your age, your wintley phipps amazing grace. Warren “Bud” Hinzie How fitting a discovery to hear the deep sorrow which comes from the belly of a slave ship and becomes a truly fitting verse to touch the hearts of all of mankind.

Love is the key. I am truly humbled and joyful to have this shared with me.

Wintley Phipps does a fantastic job singing “Amazing Grace. Thank you Jesus for this gift.

Amazing Grace History Amazing Grace By Wintley Phipps

The story should be shared to many. I recognized it as, Amazing Grace, of course. Phipps sure put the human suffering source in perspective!


BarbaraAnne Bull pledges to Amazing Grace, by Wintley phipps amazing grace Phipps. I believe there is always hope in the human spirit with this song God has touched so many of us through the conversion of John Newton, and by this wonderful song by Wintley Phipps.

I ledge to continue to follow the ‘Golden Rule’ and treat others the way I would have others treat me. It’s so refreshing to learn something new about it’s origin from Mr Phipps.

I will shout out for Equal Rights of All Beings. Veronica Moyer What wintley phipps amazing grace you about this video? Steve Estrada How God lifted up slaves sorrow to reach so many of our hearts. I have told so many people about this man.

Amazing Grace, by Wintley Phipps | KarmaTube

Marcia Broojs pledges to The song Amazing Grace, the history of the song. I have never experienced Amazing Grace like this.

New Britain is played on a clarinet, and I tell you, it knocked my socks off. There is nothing particularly religious about it.


AMAZING GRACE by WINTLEY PHIPPS – Popular Christian Videos

Connect Follow Us On Facebook. Klara van der Molen pledges to I just loved it and every cell in my whole being was moved. Diane Ellis His amazing voice and of course the words and music. Diane The sorrow melody. To God Be The Glory. As children of God. And we feel it. Thank you Brother Phipps.

Marlene Ferguson pledges to I sobbed through the whole video.

Randy Watts Wintley Phipps provided all the wintleu I will need for a long time! The combination of feelings expressed by the words and music takes you through depression, hope, belief, freedom and personal exaltation for how far you have come, no matter what race, creed, color or political belief.