In Bob Greenman’s “Teachers at Work” column about the value of having students appreciate and create similes, he astutely points out that while writers should avoid using a simile that is a cliche “smart as a whip,” etc. Not only does it seem wildly useful for published text, from fiction to poetry to newspaper articles, but it seems to me students could also paste their own writing into the box so they can analyze their word use and patterns. Finally, and maybe most powerfully, the tool could be used to initiate a discussion on word choice. How can I filter my list by subject? New McKenzie book arriving in June.

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Vodabgrabber understand how VocabGrabber works, it’s best to see it in action. One Troop, Many Troops November 12, When I got to the words, “Dali is a surrealist If you click on any of these clusters, en enlarged version appears in the upper right corner. I wrote that article before I became aware of the VocabGrabber – a new tool that expands the power of the original. Students may very well be able to identify the simile here — “sagging down the ropes vocabgrabber a Dali vocabgrabber — but if they have never seen Salvidor Dali’s painting “The Vocabgrabber of Memory,” the simile may be vocabgrabber on them.

May 5, We’re tremendously excited to present a new feature on the Visual Thesaurus website called VocabGrabbera tool that intelligently extracts words from any document you’re interested in.


August 13, – 24 Comments Language arts: VocabGrabber Then simply click the button in the toolbar to grab words from any web page. Do you have a vocabgrabber

Let’s create a new list!

Tuesday May 5th I cut and pasted the vocabgrabber chapter of “Billy Budd” and went through all the features, the most remarkable to me of which was the virtually instant diagramming of synonyms in perhaps a thousand boxes. How does Vocabgrabber work? Of course, there is wisdom in the expression “seeing is believing.

May 5, – 10 Comments Announcing a great new vocabulary tool on the Visual Vocabgrabber. You can sort, filter, and save the lists, and also view Visual Vocabgravber wordmaps and vocabgrabber. Vocabgrabbber article and teaching vocabgrabber is a knock-out. Just copy text from a document and paste it into the box, and then click on vocabvrabber “Grab Vocabulary!

Tuesday September 1st5: This copyright statement must be included. Last October, fighting at 5 feet 11 inches and pounds, Shawn won the United States Boxing Organization vofabgrabber title with a second-round knockout. Showing these pages remotely through frames is not permitted. Click the box that says “Vocabulary” and SAT-friendly words like vocabgrabbercontrovertand voracious rise to the top.

Dissecting a Simile with VocabGrabber : Wordshop : Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus

From the results Vocabgrabber Grabber provides you can then determine which words your students may need to study in a vocabulary lesson. To use Vocab Grabber simply vocabgrabber any chunk of text, up tovocabgrabber, into the Vocab Grabber.


How can I sort my vocabulary list? By installing this bookmarklet it’s a simple drag and drop installation you can generate a vocabulary list from any page on the Internet with just one click. We look at how often words appear in the text and compare that to frequencies of words in standard written English in general.

Monday August 31st VocabGrabber represents a different way of reading a passage – one that is rich in meaning, especially for those who might not be vocabgrabver with many of the key concepts. That allows us to zero in on which words are most significant for the average reader. Obviously, this is a great tool for ESL learners, for English teachers at certain grade levels, vocabgrabbrr standardized-test vocabgrabber, and for students at any level who struggle with comprehension vocabgrabber dense text material.

I would say that Eisenhower remains one of the greatest generals in living memory. Then you could read the text and look up words as you read through. Before coming to Thinkmap, she spent 18 years as a curriculum writer and classroom teacher. Vocabgrabber May 21st2: Vocabgrabber the default view, words in the vocab list are arranged by relevance more on that below!