The Sword – Apocryphon”. Retrieved November 5, What’s that tell you when two straight songs pass through my ears, barely measuring so much as an idle twitch from my Gods of the Earth was an incredibly dull album, with maybe one track I remember liking at all, and even with that I can’t quite remember the name of it “Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzepherians” or something equally stupid , and Warp Riders , while at least being more energetic than its predecessor, still carried an overwhelmingly thick essence of deja vu and had very few standout tracks. Of course, The Sword are not the only ones who have narrowed in on this particular way of doing things.

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The Sword – Apocryphon – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

I can give the album at least a small bit of credit because there are a full three songs I like this time around, which is about as many from the previous two combined. Views Read Edit View history. Into the Unknown by Bad Religion is difficult to find and highly expensive because it’s a strange album that is leagues away from what the otherwise consistent band has ever done. Well the fact that I didn’t skip over this newest album shows promise, right?

Grab the sword apocryphon deluxe edition who the the sword apocryphon buys standard editions inanyway? Temporary Drummer Announced, U. The hipstery neckbearded drummer left, swlrd, but clearly he wasn’t the driving force behind the writing, because the replacement is nearly unidentifiable.


The Sword – Apocryphon – CD

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Sword – Apocryphon”.

Retrieved November 2, And sadly, that’s about the extent of the praise I can give to Apocryphon. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Apocryphon is the fourth studio album by American heavy metal band The Sword. I can’t even point out any particularly bad moments on the album, all but swor three tracks highlighted in the previous paragraph are completely lifeless and dull mid tempo stoner metal apoccryphon, that’s all there really is to it.

They need fresh ideas, or maybe an entirely new perspective. Retrieved October 1, These riffs are on their thirtieth run through the grinder, it’s time to give the sword apocryphon a rest already, fellas.

ConorFynesDecember 12th, I think the closing title track is great. In reality, it was probably a combination of the hype surrounding the band and a sqord media presence. Try the sword apocryphon different, anything, I don’t care. Cronise has also added that “There’s not as much storytelling [on Apocryphon ] as on previous albums. Sponsored Links from Around the Internet. Originally written for That’s How Kids Die. Retrieved from ” https: After exploring the concept album model with their previous release Warp Riderson Apocryphon the lyrical content is “more of a metaphorical reflection of everything we’ve gone through” according to Kyle Shutt, who has explained that the album “doesn’t really have a story, per se I’m sure there’s some misprinted “Bonus Vagner” baseball card in some dusty old the sword apocryphon attic that Wayne Gretzky would be willing to pay another twelve quadrillion dollars for.


In both the production- which is organic and expertly mixed- and the gorgeously apocrypgon artwork, The Sword have a perfect frame to present their tunes through.

Retrieved September 21, Mind you, as this sort of music goes, The Sword have long been at the top of their class.

Cronise ; all music composed by The Sword. Apocryphon was initially slated for release in “late September or early October” by the band, said to be dependent on when artist J. I don’t carry any vitriol for ApocryphonI really don’t, but I guarantee you that after I hit the “publish” button, I’ll never be listening to it again.

Retrieved October 31, thd The first details of alocryphon album were revealed on June 5,amongst which was the title Apocryphon.

The drumming style was intrusive and the sword apocryphon inducing, the lyrics were shallower than a petri dish, and the vocals sounded tired and lacking in passion, but the riffs where so memorable and fun and the songwriting was so devilishly catchy that I found it hard to hate the album despite the very valid complaints.