It is by far the best audio adaption of a classical text that I have ever heard. In this magisterial volume of essays, Wendy Doniger enhances our understanding of the ancient and complex religion to which she has devoted herself for half a century. John Milton Narrated by: People who bought this also bought Bertrand Russell Narrated by: It even sounds like a different narrator.

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This reading misses large quantities of the Fagles Illiad translation – no introduction and many sections of the story were removed and summarised, which is a real shame because the story, translation and narration is excellent and odysey you actually got all of the book it would easily be 4 or 5 stars.

The Iliad Audiobook | Homer, Robert Fagles – translator |

This brand new translation of the classic poem by Homer is now available in audiobook form. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

This book is byy excellent reading of the Odyssey. When Heidi, a lively orphan girl, goes to live with her grandfather in a little hut high in the Alps she soon learns to live in perfect harmony with her surroundings, leading a carefree life with her constant companion, Peter, a young goatherd.

Fgles explorers have heard there is a remote plateau where dinosaurs still survive, and a group set outs on a dangerous mission to find out more about it. Please enter the message. He speaks every sentence with immaculately chosen intonations that communicate meaning and emotion perfectly.

The Odyssey

After Ford, the deity. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. The Fitzgerald Translation Audible Audiobook. This recording features music written specifically for the stage production which enjoyed huge success – each performance was a sell-out. How does knowing differ from believing? I do, however, own two hardcovered editions of Butler’s translation in which all the Greek names have been restored, so presumably there MAY be a similarly treated ebook available though I haven’t yet found it.


It is annoying at first and only gets more so as the book goes on.

Famous for introducing the character of the vampire Count Dracula, the novel tells the story of Dracula’s attempt to move from Transylvania to England so he may find new blood and spread undead curse, and the battle between Dracula and a small group of men and women led by Professor Abraham Van Helsing.

This great epic poem, attributed to Homer, deals also with the anger of the hero, Achilles Greek sentences are structured differently from English sentences, and adhering too strictly to Greek word order and syntax will result in very awkward English.

An evocation of man’s journey through life.

The Odyssey Audiobook | Homer, Robert Fagles – translator |

The narrator is an absolutely perfect fit! Interesting, educational and also fun. But for most readers the occasional appearance of a Roman name should prove to be little more than a minor distraction from an otherwise enjoyable text. Peter Green’s highly literate translation is technically excellent but not as readable as the three just mentioned. The classic tale tells the adventures of Odysseus, a decorated warrior of the Trojan War, as he makes the perilous journey to see his wife, Penelope, once again.

Oscar Wilde Narrated odyszey It was very interesting to see how well formed it is a as novel.

Mary Shelley Narrated by: Though it seems to be lesser known, it is faithful to the Greek yet with comfortable English syntax. This series of interconnected essays and lectures surveys the most critically important and hotly contested issues in Hinduism over 3, years, from the ancient time of the Vedas to the present day. In trying to create life, the young the odyssey translated by robert fagles audiobook Victor Frankenstein unleashes forces beyond his control, setting into motion a long and tragic chain of events that brings Victor to the very brink of madness.


Dr Jekyll creates a potion whereby he can divide the good and evil parts of his personality and thus free the good side to work for the benefit of mankind without the distraction of his baser instincts. By going with the flow and reading the text as written, adhering to punctuation, pausing at commas and stopping at periods, but NOT slavishly and artificially stopping at the end of lines UNLESS punctuation dictates, readers should find in these free verse translations language as natural and understandable as that contained in prose versions.

The Odyssey Audio Book Review

The E-mail message field is required. Sir Ian McClellan has a wonderful voice for this classic tale. James Joyce Narrated by: This is a classic tale that is a must for all book lovers and fans of the adventure genre.

Publisher’s Summary In this brilliant translation, Robert Fagles brings the vigor of contemporary language to Homer’s 2,year-old tale.