The pause is limited by autokick for inactivity 5 minutes Plasma spheres were visually reduced The colour of the sky is now blue-grey Now a golden box with crystals can appear in battles with bigger funds November 12 Changed design of Nitro item Increased screenshot size when sending bugs through bugtracker, now full-screen screenshot is sent Fixed bug with missing of upper menu after sending bug through bug tracker November 3 Corrected damage dispersal range of all the weapons October 27 Adopted improved 3D engine. January 14 Eliminated a vulnerability that allowed to increase the speed in battles aka speed hack. Refined the anti-cheat system. August 25 The registration form has been improved. Mission chains replaced with weekly missions. This page was last modified on 2 November , at

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Daily gift from now on are given to players from the first rank. March 7 Optimized the operation of the system, which blocks the external links in the chat.

Bonus medkit value is changed. October 31 Update 30 new gameplay alterations added to the game. April 4 Improved the blocking system of external links in the chat.


Added warning message when the Gold Box is being taken. Fixed a bug where tanki online isida hack was impossible to go into a battle started on the map Stadium. I hope you’ll like it. January 16 Update Further development on the anti-cheat. August 13 Update Special paints for forum moderators, cybersport representatives and members of the Creative League have been added to the game. Let me tell you something.

Previews of maps have been updated February 10 Update Registering a new nickname is a lot easier now. June 4 New gift system.

Another Isida hacker

Fixed the ability to send a chat message containing only spaces. We added Prepaid Cards subsection in the payment section.

November 21 Update 1. Speed up cost isiea 2 times higher than step cost on each step. Novel, Lost Temple, Esplanade added; Noise removed. CJGuitar 3 years ago. The wall bug was fixed on Scope map.


I can kill in half-seconds. Now you will be better able to feel this effect. The sound volume when rotating the turret is lowered. The Hall of Fame button was removed from the game menu. Added the ability to complain about a player in battle through a battle command. March ksida Improvement in account security and changes in chats. The ability to make a one symbol password without an e-mail has been excluded.


Each hull now tanki online isida hack its own weight.

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onlinf March 2 Update Changes to micro-upgrades of M0 hulls and turrets: You never know who will emerge as the tanki online isida hack until you have seen the full Thanks for letting all these kids know.

Fixed a bug about that links to the onlinne did not work. Moonwalker paint and holiday billboards have been added to the game. The number of score points for delivering the flag in Matchmaking CTF battles increased from 50 to Now it costs crystals only.