Continuously triangulated Digital Ground Model as elevation base for screening and ground effect calculations and for the placement of receivers in a Grid Noise Map. However, it should be noted that although the physics of sound propagation are always the same, the source and propagation parameters can change dramatically. The software comes with an on-line manual and is protected with a USB hardlock key. SoundPLAN is now available as the version 8. These projects do not require the same complexity as is being offered in the full strength noise planning software products such as SoundPLAN. The easiest way is to work with a background bitmap plans or aerial photography and trace the objects on screen.

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Here the same noise map as above is presented with color fill. Noise maps soundplan software be presented in combination with the bitmap that was used for digitizing. Direct management of 2 variants: Road Rail Noise Modeling. Softwarr data management can get very import to reduce redundancy, to streamline the data processing or improve the project transparency for review purposes.

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SoundPLAN soundplan software the full industrial strength, the full flexibility and the soundplan software modular design. Industrial point, line and area sources. With our proven development team we will lead the way into the future. SoundPLAN essential was developed for the occasional user of smaller noise projects. Skip to main content. SoundPLAN essential is now available with the additional module Building Acoustics outside to simulate the noise inside a building caused by outside sources.


It is best for smaller projects.

Often data from other sources are not available for import and a model must be made by digitizing the objects directly on the canvas or with the help of a digitizing tablet. View spectra at the receiver in the documentation. After you entered al relevant sources you can generate soundplan software listing of all emissions in tabular form.

SoundPLAN Software

Due to its ever increasing popularity on the world market, an international office was opened in Both versions can be installed concurrently on the same PC, the 32 bit version is fit for all but huge projects. Over soundplan software, generations of researchers have measured noise and developed different interpretations of cause and effect, so the equations are becoming soundplan software complex to better represent the complex nature of sound propagation in the environment.

Noise modeling software suited for these projects must be specially designed to quickly acquire the model data via an import interface or to allow digitizing the essential data on top of an aerial photography or plan bitmap.

SoundPLAN essential offers all the described soundplan software and more for half the cost of the Softwaer of the full program. It was conceived with the occaisional user in mind who may not have in-depth knowledge of acoustics Combine road, rail and industry projects instead of using just one noise type.

New libraries for industrial noise; work with reference frequencies; softwaee sound pressure levels into sound power Lw. Soundplan software support includes both a North American and international “Hot Line”. The core of our business was and is the prediction of noise in the environment.


Depending on the type and complexity soundplan software your noise modeling project the SoundPLAN soundplan software software maybe all you require. Our website tries to show the ever more complex world of physics and how our software solves complex problems automatically to free the consulting engineer”s sonudplan so he can solve the creative part of noise planning.

The data management capability is very important because even for a small project it may be necessary to develop various alternatives, iterations or configuration to determine the worst or best case, the optimum noise control, etc. Combination of Bitmap and Noise Map Noise maps can be presented in combination with the bitmap that was used for digitizing.

Improved export of noise maps and documentation to PDF.

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Contour Lines in Line Format While single receivers my be all soundolan is needed by law, the contour lines drawn with souncplan smoothing to a color scale depict the noise scenario for the entire area and give a better understanding of soundplan software noise situation. The software visualize the noise situation through an extensive graphical user interface. Hand calculations and rough estimates with spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

With the data import interface you can import even big models. Large Scale Noise Mapping.