If you chose to configure the access to the eduroam network manualy, just follow the instructions presented bellow acording to you operating system:. It will prepare your system for eduroam and will log you in automatically as soon as you are in the vicinity of an eduroam hotspot. Your wireless client is now configured to avail of eduroam and should connect automatically when at a site where the eduroam service is available. In other Linux distributions, you can use you package manager to make the installation. Home Presentation Network User Space. At this same date, a system of certificate validation will be introduced and adopted at all of University of Porto institutions, allowing for a uniformization of the local configurations for all users. The links of the certicates that are needed to connect the wireless network are as follows:

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Connect to the wireless network by entering the command edited according to your network adapter: We have therefore developed the infrastructures created within the e-U Securew2 eduroam Campus project and integrated them in the eduroam European network.

Click for descriptions with pictures. For Windows 8 and later versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems including 32 and 64 bitthere is no need for any software installation. Select Specify authentication mode: Click New Name the new profile: Un-select Remember my credentials for this connection each time I’m logged on. Click Add Select Manually create a network profile Define the profile general details: Click Manage wireless networks. Its main goal is to provide a mobility service between campuses to all the European academic community already expanded to non-European countries.


Select Use alternative outer identity: Home Presentation Network User Space. It will prepare your system for securw2 and will log you in automatically as soon as you are in the securew2 eduroam of an eduroam hotspot. Legal aspects Copyright Data protection Securew2 eduroam. You will automatically be logged into eduroam secueew2 next time you are in the vicinity of an eduroam hotspot. Double-click on the file to start the installer.

If you are using a default installation of Windows XP or Windows Vista, we recommend using our automated site installer based on SecureW2. Define your authentication mode: Secyrew2 Advanced settings in the next window.

Eduroam with “Windows”

If you are using a version of Windows XP prior to Service Pack 3, we strongly advise to upgrade your installation. On the following screens, click “OK”, “Next”, “I agree”, “Install” see screenshots below; click to enlarge On the next screen, enter your username and password for your eduroam connection see screenshot 5 below. PAP Click on User account tab. Define your authentication method: On the window that’s opened, click Securew2 eduroam on the General option secureq2, and from the Wireless Network Connection Secufew2 menu, Network should be choosen.

Content tecla de atalho: The information on the coverage maps and the services available in each U. Due to the growing number securew22 students moving throughout Europe and their requirements in terms of mobility, there is an increasing need to connect the Wi-Fi infrastructure created under project e-U Virtual Campus to the eduroam European securew2 eduroam.


Rutgers University-eduroam | Powered by SecureW2

PORTO Configurations to access eduroam network After the 11th of Aprilto access the eduroam wireless network it will be necessary to use an equipment compliant with the Just follow the presented steps and introduce your access credencials when asked. AES Choose a network authentication method: Select Specify outer identity: What do you have to do if you want to connect to eduroam? The links of the certicates that are needed to connect the wireless network are as follows: Here, if exists, from the Preferred Networks option, eduroam ssid securew2 eduroam ve choosen and Properties should be clicked, if not efuroam, click Add button, and add securew2 eduroam on Network Name section.

Below examples are given on explanations regarding how to connect to METU network form different platforms. The eduroam infrastructure is supported by equipment compatible with standard IEEE