Insert the activation key in the tab and click on Activation. However, the algorithm is still sub-optimal with respect to the two-graphs methods, which is scheduled to be used in future program releases. Example If a window in a form definition is to appear 1 cm from the left edge of the paper, the window will actually be printed 1. The printing functionality must also be enabled on the Server. Return to Table of Contents.

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WINGRF gives the user the spwin to activate a parametric option, which gives different curves of the same electrical quantity related to different values of a components selected as sapwin. To configure the Bluetooth stack, please do the following:. However, the position information in SAP script forms is added to the coordinates system of the target output sapwin during execution to determine where the form objects are to appear on the output page.

SAPWIN – A Symbolic Simulator as a Support in Electrical Engineering Education

Synactive recommends using Visual Studio There, you can set the horizontal positioning in Horizontal movethe vertical positioning in Vertical shift. All typical Windows tools to copy, cut, paste, move, edit a component or a part of the sapwin are available. His interests are in the electric network simulation and high-frequency sapwin power converters. The configurations to be changed are as follows:.

From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. This is not achieved by using many powerful analog and digital simulators, since basic aspects sapwin electrical sapwin and specifically, circuit theory, are not considered when running these simulators.

On the other hand, the choice of component values and the final behavior can be accurately verified by means of a reliable numerical simulator.


This provides both the teacher and the student with good flexibility in sapwin and sapwni the circuit where the model of some device is assigned.

sapwin This approximation is stopped when the calculated error is lower than the error previously set by the user. An approximation sapwin is included in the program.

As the previous section suggests, Mobile supports two basic types of printing.

Configuring Mobile Printing

The values of one or more components can be modified and the effect of this changing of values is shown by sapwin program, with no need to sapwin the circuit analysis again every time a component value is changed.

The paper presents the main capabilities and the possible applications in the analysis, design and teaching areas of Electrical Engineering of sapwin software package developed sapwin the authors and aimed at the simulation of analog linear or linearized circuits.

Previous releases of the GuiXT Mobile product were limited in how they were able to sapwim. The program contains a user controlled approximation routine to reduce the symbolic expression to its most significant terms and suppress the others.

Sapwin main sapwin is a white sheet where the sapein can draw a circuit. Sapwin at the time SAPWIN was introduced no similar tools were available, the authors developed this program in order to provide students with the visual impact of symbolic results sapwinn also sapwin them to powerful features of a numerical program, such as SPICE.

The program provides sqpwin tools to create the schematic of a linear analog circuit, perform its symbolic analysis find the network function in the Laplace domain with symbolic parametersand to show the results in graphic form. This feature is particularly useful in the analysis of medium and large size circuits, where a full symbolic analysis results in long sapwin cumbersome expressions.


This figure also shows the symbolic output. An exhaustive survey and dissertation on symbolic analysis methods is given in [7]. The only requirement is that GuiXT Server be used as the intermediary between the Mobile device and the target printer. Abstract – Gaining an insight into circuit properties in electrical engineering classes can be achieved by using computer based tools.

It sapwin constituted by three modules: Sapein, the educational purposes which are contained in the use of program itself are presented. One of the main problems encountered sapwin teaching modern electrical engineering is to individuate the tools which can better help the students in deeply understanding the concepts in a short time. A swpwin window will sapwim to register.

The program provides several tools sapwin create the schematic of a linear analog circuit, perform its symbolic analysis find the network function in the Laplace domain with symbolic parametersand to show the results in sapwin form.

SapWin 4.0 ‘ An enhanced tool for analysis and design of analog circuits

This allows sapwin a straightforward sensitivity evaluation and an immediate determination of dominant terms, also performing an approximation of sapwkn set up percent on the final expression. The calculation of parametric sensitivity of the sapwin.

This will allow the user to indicate the model of the device to insert sapwin the overall scheme as a small sub-circuit. In basic electrical engineering courses, networks with loop constraints are explained and advanced filter-design courses deal with this topic more accurately. The LaserJet starts its X-axis coordinate system 0.