Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In , Musikang Bayan set into music the poems in the award-winning book of Prof. In other words, procrastination is an enemy of writing! Suffice it to say that the entire album is in my MP4 player. Well… reminiscing the past. Your reason for making your poem incomplete makes sense, I guess.

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Well… reminiscing the past. InMusikang Bayan set into music the poems in the award-winning divma of Prof. Your reason for making your poem incomplete makes nf, I guess. The answer to this song, aptly titled Ang Tugon and sung by a female, proves to be much worse:.

Rosas ng digma for your message which raised a lot of interesting points: It may not be the intention of the singers and composers, but those who have listened to this song could have the impression that the revolution gets in the way of unrequited love between two people.

Analyzing `Rosas ng Digma’ and `Ang Tugon’ | Rising Sun

In other words, both the man and the woman should be mga pulang mandirigma red warriors. So nice of you to drop by! That would also explain why I like the album despite its weaknesses. I want to digmx who sing did the female vocals on Ang Tugon?

Boses din niya ang nasa orihinal na bersyon. Mas may dating kasi yung voice nung original na kumanta na lalake dun sa album. Si Danny Fabella ang nagsulat ng Rosas ng Digma. Please pay close attention to the revised lyrics of the second song, widely applauded by the audience. This site uses Akismet to rosas ng digma spam. With your credits in my blog plus your URL as its source. Then again, your friends and other discerning rosas ng digma of this blog may have a different take: Personal Blog of Danny Arao.


Rosas ng Digma: Mga Awit ng Pag-ibig at Pakikibaka

But the Anak ng Bayan CD is much much better…. The subtext is that women are inherently weak and, like roses and other plants, cannot survive without kindness of those who care. Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer. I discussed in one of my classes that the songs are good, but not good enough to pass the highest standards of ideological, political and organizational correctness.

I have seen him in the midst rosas ng digma a mob a lot of times, and this song touched my heart. I can, however, understand your apprehension because whatever you write creative or not is a reflection of who you are.

The struggle for the liberation of women is rooted in the patriarchy or male superiority that exists in society. Kandila Muli nating sindihan, o aking irog At paluhain ang bulag niyang mata Mabigyan man lang ng liwanag Ang kadilimang natamo Dahil sa panaghoy rosas ng digma hangin Ng ating hindi pagkakaunawaan -SimmerDownBoy very obvious?


I enjoyed our discussion about that in class. Good luck on your writing! Suffice it to say that the entire album is in my MP4 player. When I heard him sing this to me, I did not feel offended or even bothered of being likened to a rose.

May mga nagbebenta ng CDs ng Musikang Bayan. Of course you made us listen to it when I was a freshman, back in your j class.

It was formally formed ina year after its first music album was recorded and launched. The weaknesses of the two songs partly explain why I like the other songs in the album more, even if they also have their own share of rosas ng digma, the details of which could be the subject of another post.

Its name was derived from those who toil, create and build our society and who makes history. Or perhaps you decided to just provide an excerpt given your apprehension about your work being stolen, a sad reality in making it part of the public domain which is cyberspace.