Fixed a problem that sometimes could cause undetermined behavior when a hidden parameter of a Time Graph or a Chart was shown again. This problem occureed when the number of elements in a dynamic dimension was reduced during reset of the simulation. These placeholders make it easy to re-use connections across many Database Datasets. It is now possible to import values to start-up variables through datasets. These problems mainly occurred when peak was zero and also equal to minimum or maximum, and when minimum and maximum implied no spread. It is now possible to have up to 1,, runs in a simulation.

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It is now possible to delete the last diagram of a variable without having to delete the variable.

Powersim Studio 9

Fixed a problem that prevented an error message from being shown when piwersim INITIF function was used in a variable with the transfer direction set to “in” or “in-out”‘. TXT even if Excel is not installed on the computer.

This powersim studio 9 happen if the project included a large number of dynamically powerzim variables. Fixed a problem that could prevent the bit powersim studio 9 version of Studio from loading simulation projects saved in the bit platform version of Studio. Fixed problems with the display of file sizes in the Size field in the General page of the Project Information dialog. Fixed a problem that caused undetermined behavior when using an auto report for a variable with transfer direction set to “in” and with dimensions based on a dynamic enumeration range.

Introduced named parameters for the component that can be accessed from Presentation Sidekick windows. This occurred only when the Excel file was opened invisibly by Studio. Now these controls display such variables as rates.


Powersim Studio 9 is launched! | Powersim Software

Fixed a problem that could cause Gauge controls with chord-based dials to be incorrectly displayed when the dial’s fill was set to “No Fill”. It is now powersim studio 9 to configure Studio to automatically save file recovery information for project files. This window also displays information about possible errors occuring during the loading of external data through the same functions.

Placeholders are useful when you have texts that are needed several places in your simulation project. Fixed a problem that prevented the scale of the First and Last parameters of a dynamic numerical range from being updated in various controls when the opposite parameter Last or First of the same dynamic range was changed.

Table, Slider, Gauge to display incorrect values for accumulated series variables with type Integer. The content of the Standard and Graph pages is now sized together with the Function Wizard dialog. Improved handling of Excel file formats and extensions in the Spreadsheet dataset and the Save Excel Document action. It is now possible to configure the model from Sidekick windows by changing placeholder values powersim studio 9 the GetPlaceholderValue and SetPlaceholderValue methods.

Fixed a problem that could cause undetermined behavior when creating a Database Dataset with variables using dynamic enumeration ranges.

The fourth service release of Studio 9 contains one improvement and a number of bug fixes. A dynamically dimensioned variable now becomes well-defined when the variable element limit is increased to at least the number of elements required by the variable’s dimensions. The Beta and Mu parameters were switched in calculations. Fixed a problem that caused the INITIF function to not work properly if the first parameter was an array and the second parameter was a scalar.


Fixed a problem that could cause Studio to stop powersim studio 9 if using the “Add Dataset Connection” command on an already connected variable.

Fixed a problem powersim studio 9 the Save Excel Document action that prevented the “If file exists” option from working properly when no file extension was provided. You can now find more information about a load problem in the Loading External Data for New Run dialog box.

Studio will now in some cases load projects faster when starting a presentation. Now Studio reopens the last active project without any message. When dragging the thumb of a Slider control, the precision is now dependent on the size of the control and the screen resolution.

Studio 9 Version History | Powersim Software

This is particularly handy when connecting to external data containers for powerrsim or export of data. Fixed a problem that caused the integer MOD operator to incorrectly return a finite number when used with a non-finite operand. Fixed a problem that prevented use of an expression with the percentage unit as input to the SQRT function. Sign up to Mailing list! Fixed a problem with the Add Range wizard that prevented the Connection dropdown of the “Database range” category from listing all possible database-identifying placeholders.

Powersim studio 9 problem occurred for Gregorian-calendar simulations with period length based powersim studio 9 months, quarters, or years, and for Fiscal-calendar simulations with period length based on months. Fixed a problem that sometimes prevented the Value dropdown of a Switch placeholder from being updated in the Placeholders property page when the placeholder definition was changed.