Sfakianakis is married and has two children; the family lives in Athens. Erotikon Bloody teardrop: He has sold over 5 million records in Greece alone and in addition to these he has sold over thousand copies of his albums as newspaper covermounts. However he has baptised both his children as Greek Orthodox. This article may require copy editing for grammar, style, cohesion, tone, or spelling. He was discovered by Kostas Bourmas , the general manager of Sony in Greece. When he has appeared on live television, he has drawn praise and criticism in equal measure – on the one hand, some have praised his disarming honesty and applauded him for addressing hard-hitting issues.

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Notis Sfakianakis – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 26 April Views Read Edit View history. Bourmas signed Sfakianakis to the label, and Notis recorded his debut album Proti Fora First Time which made it into the Greek top ten. Kinonikon Bloody teardrop: Notis Sfakianakis performing live.

However, during his concert in Atlantic City, Sfakianakis expressed his gratitude to notis sfakianakis guftissa mera audience for their devotion and affection over the years and wished to give them a concert that “we will notis sfakianakis guftissa mera remember after 10 years. You can assist by editing it. In NovemberSfakianakis had his first North American tour since in the peak of his career.

Dihos Telos Giftissa end Since the release of the song Sfakianakis has also been critical of the emergence of TV talent shows such as The X-Factorclaiming that such shows trivialize the entire notion of music production.

Panagiotis sfamianakis Sfakianakis Greek: He argued that this substance is equally, if not less, harmful than legally distributed substances like tobacco and alcohol claiming that many fatal road accidents are attributed to alcohol abuse.


Γύφτισσα μέρα (Gyftissa mera) (English translation)

However he has baptised both his children as Greek Gudtissa. Not at all seldom, Sfakianakis’ interviews to the press are always memorable and controversial for he has a reputation for being very outspoken and uses the press to air his opinions on various matters. He has also used his position to improve awareness of music piracy.

The second part, Erotikon was released in early and sfakianakos several successful songs, in particular “Kleinw tis kourtines”, “Esti Ine O Erotas” and “Akouse Me Kala”. During a live performance in New York inSfakianakis caused consternation amongst his audience after airing his critical opinions about America’s foreign policies.

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Notis Sfakianakis

As a result, certain members of the audience composed mainly of Greek-Americans attempted an unsuccessful boycott of Sfakianakis’ concerts and productions. Notis Sfakianakis and his family moved to the island of Kos when he was seven. In the song, Sfakianakis bemoaned the emergence of ‘Tragoudistakia’ – ‘Little singers’ – who are loosely defined in the lyrics as ‘talentless kids with the same public image’.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Also in the same period, some publications were talking sfxkianakis tax evasion from him and other artists without providing proof or any documents to substantiate their claims.

In an interview that was recorded for a special release of the album Ana Archived from the original on 21 July The third part, Horeutikonfocusing on upbeat dance songs which released in December He was discovered by Kostas Bourmasthe general manager of Sony in Greece.


In the song he notis sfakianakis guftissa mera compares the people of the world to sheep, that must be wary of the threat of a wolf implied to be Bush.

When asked if he had ever used the drug, Sfakianakis admitted that he had been habitually gudtissa cannabis for the last ten years. In late and earlyafter more than two years break, Sfakianakis released Kinonikonthe first part in notis sfakianakis guftissa mera proposed trilogy of seven song discs called Matomeno Dakry.

This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat This stance has sfakianaakis criticism, with some claiming that Sfakianakis is afraid of facing competition.

Chords for Notis Sfakianakis – Guftissa Mera

When he has appeared on live sfakianqkis, he has drawn praise and criticism in equal measure – on the one hand, some have praised his disarming honesty and applauded him for addressing hard-hitting issues.

Horeftikon Bloody teardrop: He has also declared that one of Greece’s giant singers, Stelios Kazantzidisused to have a “somewhat okay vocal ability” and play a role when singing, while claiming that he would never sing at the Greek Concert Hallas never would he visit a place that he dislikes [8] not mentioning if such a musical scene would invite him. In NovemberSfakianakis released a new album, Mnimes Memories. InSfakianakis had an operation on his vocal cords, leading to a two-year hiatus between his following albums, As Milisoun Ta Tragoudiaand Me Agapi Notis sfakianakis guftissa mera Kaneis.