I am worried from last 4 months. On my machine I ended up with a working area of around mm x mm, a bit bigger than specified. One uploaded picture alone can be larger than many, many users total combined mailboxes! I tried to use your settings Ian but still no luck. Seems to be used on the cheap Chinese machines. I’m planning on adding a 4th axis soon as well. Jimmy at SaleCNC was great during the sale but now his understanding of the English language has suddenly deteriorated.

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Ncstudioo followed your instructions and the state of the port switch from positive to negative but the limit stopper still don’t work when the limit is crossed.

My friend is planning to migrate to Mach3 but not now. Dear andre, i think the parameter you set is not right, what is size of the machine?

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We used the Advanced MDI menu and did a test with the first rectangle ncstudio v5.4.53 english setup and it worked perfectly at the center of the machine. Mike Wang Dear Mike,I’ve been having trouble installing Ncstudio V5.

Hi Victor, Don’t know if you got last message but if i could i would love to grab a copy of the manual off you Dear Ian, Thank you so much for your reply. Any recommendations as far as breakout boards?


Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: It will be so kind of you. Grzegorz ,I sent Ncstudio just now,please check your email. That’s a bit weird, there is a calibrate button that doesn’t do what you would think it does so maybe that’s been hard enabled? I am going to do more testing later on this afternoon. Thank you Ian for ncstudio v5.4.53 english setup your help, screenshots and kind assitance: Setu is an illustration as to how I would rewire my CNC for use with a new mach3 card.

You ncstudio v5.4.53 english setup a parallel cable with all pins connected as ncstudio uses more pins for communication than a standard printer cable. I resolved it by using NCStudio ver5. This should allow you to move the axis away from the limit switch, then again shut down NcStudio, start it again and swap the limit switch settings back! I have re-installed the application but it doesn’t help. Dear Ian, Just to let you know I have not been able to do much testing, but I did try to toggle the limit ports in the IO tab and engoish didn’t work.

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Skip to main content. I was about to tell my friend to purchase a Win 7 Home Premium x86 but l don’t him to spend money on an OS that will not support NcStudio. Looks like it’s time to go back to basics and start from scratch, check all the wiring, connectors, status LED’s, ncstudio v5.4.53 english setup, etc.


I have tried installing NCStudio on my machines with no avail. Always that message pops up.

I found my copy of NCStudio But normally there’s no way for the ncstudio v5.4.53 english setup to move on their own without being issued a command by actually clicking on it. I resolved it by using NCStudio ver5. I put the the controller card into my computer and turned on the computer.

Please download that software 3. I hope I can find some help here, we have contacted the manufactor with some questions but we have problems understanding eachother.

Need Help! Configure NCStudio for JX-6090 CNC router from China

I’m about to but then I have to figure out which breakout board to get, how to wire it into my existing control box, vv5.4.53 and sell the the NCStudio specific wireless controller I first install NCstudio v5. Do the same for the other axis. Documents Add a new file Upload.