From the Jupiteranian angle of view, the world is the manifestation of ever blissful pleasures. Mahaabalavibho- Lord of great strength,. Deenabandho- Kin to the oppressed,. Who is the Lord of the cherished houses of Mesa and Vrischika[3], with red limbs, who wears the red dress and is the bearer of the sword and trident. Who is brightly colored like saffron, whose form gives delight to Guruguha, who is the enemy of Kuja[2], the wearer of gem-studded crown, necklace, armlets and bracelets, Lord of the houses of Mithuna and Kanya[3], with book in hand[4] and who is neuter[5]. The wave length of the violet band being less than that of blue band, the destructive capacity of the latter is expressed through delicate feelings of apparent happiness.

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Therefore, these two regions influence a native in opposite senses. Apart from being huge, it has been known to have the most intense gravitational force in the solar system, close to 2.

Putrakaaraka- One who bestows children. They contain a good deal of Vedic astrology, as well as fine music. Stephen Hawking says “The future of medicine lies in the curing of diseases through light and navagraha krithis.

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Oh omnipresent one, Oh Lord of great strength, Lord of speech[2], Lord of lovely Dhanus and Mina[3], whose form is adored navagraha krithis Indra and the other Gods, and who is the great intellectual honored by divinities like Madhava[4].

Ganakaladhara Madurai Mani Iyer. The transliteration scheme is that used in the notes to that recording, written by Robert Gottlieb. Maadhavaadivinuta Navargaha Praised -by Lord Vishnu. These two bands viz.


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Wave length of nacagraha red band being more, the frequency is less and the reverse is the case with violet region. Who navagraha krithis a peculiar crown and auspicious dress. Who with a dreadful face, harsh, directing his navagraha krithis side-glance when navagraha krithis with the Kayana mantra[5], with four hands and carrying the sword and shield.

Who is revered by the learned, and who brings navagrhaa to Brahmins. The auspicious one, krthis beautiful neck, with lovely feet, bestower of auspiciousness, riding on the Goat, and whose higher aspis[4] is in Makara rasi[5]. Newer Post Older Post Home. In other words, a Jupiterian native experiences the positive side of life while a Saturnine observes the negative side of the same.

Who is attired in blue cloth and dress made of leather, who wears ornaments made of Gomedaka gems[6], the friendly planet of Shani and Shukra, and who delights Guruguha. Who is adored by the Ketum-krinvan mantra[2], who is exceedingly wrathful, a descendent of Jaimini[3], who savours his grain[4], and has his flag with the cut-out triangle.


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Posted by Archana Sirsi at I always seek shelter in Budha who is worhipped by the Gods, who is the son of Chandra and Tara[1]. Mahaabalavibho- Lord of great navagraha krithis. Through his devotion to the Navagraha Krithis of Muthuswami Dikshithar, he overcame many shortcomings due to physical ailments and financial problems during navagfaha life.

Jaraadivarjitha- Lord of vigor. Brahma Jaathe-Born as a Brahmin.

Worship Him The ornament on Navagraha krithis Shiva’s crest, the cool-rayed, the four-armed, the parasol of Madana[5], the night-maker, the eye of Lord Venkatesa[6], krihhis created by Virat[7], the inflictor of suffering[8], the friend of the night-lotus, and the face of Navagraha krithis Subramanya who became the teacher of the creator.


Lord of the two houses of Makara and Kumbha[5], with special liking for the lamp lit with sesame oil and for rice with sesame seeds[6], an ocean of nectar of compassion and fearless. Who is happy in his part human-like body and is friendly in the group of nine planets. JagatrayagurO- Lord of 3 worlds.

Oh illuminator of all infinite causes and effects in the world, the Lord of Simha rasi[2]. According to optics, in the solar spectrum Jupiter rules over the yellow band and Saturn the violet band navageaha.

Who is the Lord of the cherished houses of Mesa and Vrischika[3], with red limbs, who wears the red dress and is the bearer of the sword and trident. There is one kriti for each of the classical nine planets.

It is a truncated version of that which I have used on the list of compositions. Puraari guruguha Sammoodita- Who is navagraha krithis to Irithis and Shanmukha. Ramanathan argues convincingly that this kriti is not original, but navagrhaa rather composed and added by one navagraha krithis Dikshitar’s followers.

Analysis of the solar spectrum shows that the two opposite ends are covered by the red and the violet regions.