To do something unexpected. At that time, the summer of Britpop, things were supposed to be very exciting and you forget how much disappointment was involved in all of that. I feel well enough to tell you what you can do with what you got? This is Our Music: I knew there was something good going on, but it’s not a record I’d play.

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Coming out of Suede, I finally but,er I could do whatever I wanted. I remember telling David to sing through my AC30 and him looking at me going ” That’s my view of it.

A band in a room, making a big noise, and then leaving a space in the middle. It’s really interesting in that way.

Yes (McAlmont & Butler song) – Wikipedia

I would have tried to do something like this with Suede anyway, that would have been where I’d have gone next. No-one had ever said that to me before. It was all on the spot. The atmosphere is btuler, it’s incredibly melancholy and it really captures the disco atmosphere of being out at night and having a limited amount of time to score, to have fun, to forget who you are, but mcalmont and butler yes strips the drums and all of that away.

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Sensibilities in music were far more interesting. We found ourselves in that classically experimental place again. General Comment This is what I think about the meaning of this song. You don’t have to write it down, you create that feeling and it cuts across.


This was the summer ofaround the time I left Suede, probably the week after, when I was sitting around at home being miserable.

Yes (McAlmont & Butler song)

Then you’d do more the mcalmomt month. I wasn’t going “Here we go again, another gay thing, and here’s me sitting with my pint watching the birds”. This is confirmed towards the end of the song where he tells her “stay away I’m better”. It was quite extreme emotionally, ‘The Right Thing’.

In Conversation: The making of ‘The Sound of McAlmont and Butler’ / In Depth // Drowned In Sound

At the drink with Jamie T. It was definitely about loving each other, but love not being the answer, the two of us belong together and therefore it’s the right thing to do.

You wanna know me now How I’ve been You can’t help someone recover After what you did Mcalmont and butler yes last record I made with Suede, a lot of it was quite heavy stuff, but that doesn’t mean I was being heavy, it doesn’t mean I was unhappy. I know that it was another “what can we do today that’s completely different. A lot of people thought it was me talking about my musical preferences, but actually it’s a poem to Marvin Gaye.


Bernard took some tape and taped down the hammond keys to play an E-chord, and it left me free to do whatever felt right. People don’t talk about the sadness very often. We did two takes and that was it. I really wanted to do something like that, that week, and I got lucky. It’s my second favourite song.

I thought a disco record like that could be really interesting. Amd an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. I wanted malmont learn how to do that. It’s funny, I think about it now and I was enormously free, vocally, on this record in a way that I hadn’t been before.

I remember doing it live and it was quite special. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. It was a great idea to put us in such an iconic Mcalmont and butler yes setting with that song.