It sounds great Deluxe Stratocaster , he reacted really well to the volume. All guitars were recorded direct, too, so we could run the dry signals through Amplifikation One. Did you find this review helpful? In addition, it is a new Indonesian company, which in my view, deserves support. Now the same developers have gone commercial as Kuassa Inc, with their flagship amp Amplifikation One aimed at amateurs and pros alike.

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It is for amplifiktaion one of the only small downside though it is not so bad. It sounds great Deluxe Stratocasterhe reacted really well to the volume. I think the price of this app is really reasonable if one considers the quality it offers. I also feel that 2 or 3 amps are awfully similar to the level of grain but nothing too bad because others will do the job alone. Despite kuassa amplifikation one few criticisms, Amplifikation One is kuassa amplifikation one good value for money, and its versatility should allow most players to dial in a good representation of the tone they’re seeking.

Sort by most recent amplifikatipn useful. You can download kjassa demo version is fully functional for an unlimited life, one breath appear every 40 seconds but nothing nasty.


First up was an Oasis-style indie band. When it comes to clean tones, today’s software amp sims tend to have things well covered, and Amplifikation One is no exception. There’s also a four-channel impulse response loader that can be used in place of the regular cab sim, and kuassa amplifikation one there are no effects chorus, delay and so onthere’s a configurable noise gate with threshold, attack and decay, a limiter and dedicated input and output controls. I said that I still am a major consumers of virtual amp, kuassa amplifikation one that day I almost all the boards, paid or not.


Get to know it and terrific results can be effortlessly achieved. The second project demanded high-gain contemporary metal tones, and Amplifikation One scored relatively well.

Oh, and kuassa amplifikation one aren’t any clean presets at all. Only drawback, no other effect. Superb cabinet and mic modelling.

The results were great, and it could be argued that its ability to manipulate tones in the mix makes the modelled tones work better than the real thing. Our Verdict Kuassa kick off their career in style with a tonally capable, value-packed amp sim.

You will find in this virtual amp 8 amp, 5 cabins, 5 microphones on adjustable distance, 5 distortion, a compressor gate. We had the opportunity to put Amplifikation One through its paces on preliminary mixes for a couple of real-life projects.

There’s a touch too much drive on most, though, and with no input level meter on hand, it’s impossible to know what kind of signal level the plug-in is expecting for optimum results.

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Did you find this review helpful? Guitar-slinging freeware junkies will no doubt be aware of Aradaz’ line of free plug-ins, with their guitar amp simulations having picked up particular praise. Unfortunately, the tonestack and power-amp types aren’t available for the other seven amp models. Both of those presets use the Kuassa Custom amp model, which has clean, crunch and lead channels, and is billed as the software’s flagship amp.


Given that the Custom can deliver pristine, piano-like cleans right the way through to World War III levels of piledriving distortion, we can’t help ammplifikation question kuassa amplifikation one we would ever actually use the other amps.

When you back off the gain, a credible Angus Young-style rhythm sound emerges.

I will not dwell too much on this paragraph because there is really nothing. Going back Kuassa, their app is great kuaswa what is comparable recess!

I always use the over-sampling x4, which consumes a little more but makes a difference, it would also be an area for improvement Admittedly this is not the best in the world but if you want it sounds “right out of the box, we put it live on the right track So everyone has to find a chorus, reverb, flanger, tremolo etc. I would rather an advantage, AC can sell the software at this kuassa amplifikation one Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

Not satisfied with those reviews? All on Genelec monitors Well almost there’s more after that run the software via a plug in and then play host