He is not the type of artist who cares about responding to rumours. I felt that God helped me through that period and that he blessed me with a long enough life to see wrongs righted. In the latter I have come across some very fine and complementary articles about me,” he said. Nor does he underestimate their power and influence. One of the people Darwish admired was the oppositional composer Sheikh Imam Eissa The second step should have been “to unify in order to build. He suspects that various people loyal to the former regime are still operating in the background, determined to undermine the revolution.

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One such was by the senior columnist Anis Mansour. It was as though God willed a revolution just as tyranny reached an extreme. This action only dagwish recently and even so the provincial governors and other governorate and municipal leaders are still in place. I want to be objective in my assessment. He is very close with both, whom he regards more like friends.

Iman El Bahr Darwish – IMDb

In a press interview, El-Shari’i said that although he sang the song Ikhtarnak We chose you for the president, he also later told the president very clearly, “That’s enough, now.

Nor does he underestimate their power and influence. Although his father did not want him to become a professional musician, when Iman El-Bahr Darwish graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Alexandria University inhe began formal studies in Arab music. He is not the type of artist who cares about responding to rumours.

Iman El-Bahr Darwish: Authentic notes

Part of the proceeds were to go to Egypt. In general, he believes it is the syndicate’s responsibility to care for all musicians, but the poorest of them above all.


The problem is that there is no way to keep track of such things. This step should have been put into effect immediately with the idea of encouraging every person to work to the best of their ability in their daraish of expertise to build the country. That did not come about, but iman el bahr darwish still holds out hope for an administration committed to transparency, especially with regard to the prosecution of members of the former regime.

So when I was deprived of that recognition, I took it as an insult to me and my art. It was a waste of time and money. Ima the latter I have come across some very fine and complementary articles about me,” he said. But most of the people voted in favour and most of them had been brainwashed to do so.

Any singer would consider it an honour to be chosen to perform for the head-of-state, which is one of the highest forms of recognition. Among these we may have spotted some who are worthy of ruling our country.

Iman El-Bahr Darwish wins Egyptian Music Syndicate elections

Friday, 04 January It is this that gives him the strength to explore no end of fathomless emotions ranging from the passionate to the tranquil. Thank God, that fear is gone.

That was an outright lie, but many believed it and voted yes in the referendum because they did not want to commit a sin. This is no time for romantic music, but it will be released when he feels the time is right. Darwish is now a father in his own right: Current issue Previous issue Site map. They were told that iman el bahr darwish “no” vote was a vote against Islam, because it iman el bahr darwish a vote against Article 2 of the constitution.


The more efficiently and openly the current government handles this process, the quicker it will be able to bring the transitional phase to a safe harbour and to set Egypt on the right track to a brighter future. Darwish is the grandchild of an early 20th century Egyptian leading composer, Sayed Darwish.

In the past, he said, syndicate work was pointless because it was ineffective, but the time has come to turn the syndicate into a force for the advancement of music and the arts, and their practitioners. Darwish’s idea is that when one human being see another in distress, their normal response is to sympathise and try to help; where compatriots fail to do that for each other there is something drastically wrong: Was this commitment to principles inspired by his name?

Many identified with him and believed that their own dreams could be realised if he were head of the syndicate. He believes that it is the individual’s duty to reform himself in the context of his field of expertise and that this process of introspection and self-betterment is the real starting point to the development of a healthy country.