I think that the only one who died at the well was Ruith’s mother. She was living in Hawaii at the time and the scope for her imagination poisoned fish, tropical cliffs, large spiders was great and poor Clinton bore the brunt of it. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. He cursed and crawled unsteadily back to his feet. Refresh and try again. As I look back over my own tastes in reading, I’ve come to realize that no matter what I read while growing up, there was never enough love story in it for me! I can not wait to see who the third trilogy is about.

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Review also available at www. I am very disappointed with the author and how she decided to write these books because the story of Morgana and Miach from the first trilogy was one of the best I had ever read! While I’ve come to kurlnd this from self published books, I expect better quality when coming from a publishing house.

Ruith only avoided wincing because he had enormous reserves of self-control. We get glimpses of what is going on throughout the Nine Kingdoms as we see some favorites from the first trilogy.

Ruith pulled himself back magid the present, then smiled briefly. While this books started off with the gentle song of the first book the crescendo gradually grows. Who it seemed might manage the feat yet. Which is a first for od author. At one point, they huddled up and discussed a villian while he stood underneath a tree and watched them. He lay on his back, winded, and stared up into the darkness above him.


Gift of Magic | Book 6, The Nine Kingdoms | Lynn Kurland

The most aggravating part of the reading experience was this electronic version was full of typos, spelling errors, and formatting errors that interrupted immersion into the story. Tarbh and Ruathar are shapechanging horses. It was still at least an hour before dawn, so he supposed it was possible it was merely the heavens still displaying their sparkling finery.

Kurland created a lot of interesting places We are supposed to get the next set of stories of the Nine Kingdoms starting in Jan That had been an indeterminate amount of time ago. Readers will relish Ms. An effort to prevent these dark entities from falling into the wrong hands, and casting the Nine Kingdoms into eternal darkness. Ruithneadh of Ceangail met the ground with equal force. I will re-read I am sure many times the first three books and the story of Miach and Morgan.

Magic and all its gift of magic lynn kurland should be sent briskly along to hell. He had spent the previous score of winters gift of magic lynn kurland a house on the side of a mountain, conducting his life by purely pedestrian means. Sarah was just as bad. Lists with This Book.


Excerpt: Gift of Magic | Book 6, The Nine Kingdoms | Lynn Kurland

She could still breathe, but she supposed that was only because Morag wanted her in gift of magic lynn kurland possession of her wits as she was about her long-delayed and unhappily denied work gjft killing her.

I don’t know why in the heck Sarah wanted to marry him – clearly he had no self confidence and was dumber than a rock. I think that, in the world of the Nine Kingdoms, Ruith and Sarah are destined to be shadows. A full-time writer, she lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Excerpt: Gift of Magic

I enjoy his favor simply because your sister was good enough to insist on it. Where Miach had dredged up those spells…well, it was likely best not to speculate. Anything by Lynn Kurland is great and I’ve never read a book I didn’t like by her. Unfortunately, he could readily envision when and for what purpose he himself might need those very things. I love to write.