Uhmm will the selling shop released in GA2? Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Comments 3 Read more. Its not even a different take on Miku, its just the normal version painted blue. As the title says above i want ur opinion it can b either bad or good one dont matter to me i ju st was ask if both of my skin r good or not? Also when did Mio get so popular?

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Just asking for your. Within Community Whole Community.

Yo, Im makin a Sawada Tsunayoshi n so far Ive do ne the face n the hair of it but no face emotes yet n no body yet so i just want to let u guys k. Comments 12 Read more. Tty polygons and just look down right ugly to be honest. Comments 10 Kiirito more. My First S Rank in Dr. Comments 9 Read more. Terms of Service Privacy Policy.

Terms of Service Privacy Policy. I finally finished Tsuna after hours of Skin editing Here are some of Tsuna face emote that i created myself lool xDD n uhmm im goin to sell.


But keep in mind this game is labeled as an anime community to most.


I was definitely expecting GK to getamped 2 kirito skin somewhere in this and there were tons more brilliant skins that could’ve placed.

Diaper Getamped 2 kirito skin Disclose to all. So yea i wanted to post this for no reason http: I’m just glad to see we have a fucking skin expert here on the community. Skull Kid is slightly more orange, yipee. Curiousity Just Click This!! There were tons of great skinners who joined this contest. Cloudy textures, aliasing and saturation problems out the wazoo, shadows are pure blacks, and the best thing is that Ice Climbers don’t technically count as winter themed, the game theme is in climates where its possible all year.

But sadly even though raised to 10 there was a limit to the winners. You also chose Katsu, but because he’s an “Epic skin maker”. I know a lot of people in-game who don’t do original skins either.

Getamped 2 kirito skin download – Google Docs

I was fortunate enough to place second, and feel everyone who got picked absolutely deserved it. Most f these skins have sh! The only fall themed skins on there are the Doppio recolor and the shota with the hat.


Sskin last years skin contest winner was an personified Amaterasu skin. Its not even a different take on Miku, its just the normal version painted blue.

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Had to rant, your OP made you sound ignorant to what the contest was about. Tsuna Sawada Finished Disclose to all. Comments 5 Read more. Since Mei post one i might as well post one myse lf too xDD. The only skin that were done to freaking death and shouldn’t even be in the contest is MioAkiyama Those Gms raping Miku every two damn seconds.

Ginjiro’s barely within the lines, while I swear I’m forgetting the name of the show Light’s is taking getamped 2 kirito skin. Comments 1 Read more. Which Tsuna is better?