It’s so unrealistic and just makes the show seem like it’s trying too hard to be cool. You are not going to feel sorry for the victim, or pity, or sadness or joy. Now here we are and an all new series, lets just not mention the 12, other CSI formulas that have been tried , one that focuses on “Cyber” crimes, something as a computer specialist I know a little something about and let me tell you unless you are a computer illiterate you are going to see the gaping holes in the events of the first episode. Additional information about license you can found on owners sites. It is like the annual obligatory kid episode on NCIS only worse. Writing, acting, everything mediocre, just another crime show with generic characters, the hardcore geek, etc. Especially if they have the GPS to the allegedly abducted baby and they do not even know whether these adults were in this mess in any way , they could have just driven them down later, or just stopped them at the airport or whatever.

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Cybertv submit your review for Cyber TV Player. What kind of amber alert sentimental bull-crap story is that? Let me also mention the unforgettable, for being cybertv asinine, quote from agent Ryan Patricia Arquette”Evolutionary survival skills will instinctively take them to higher ground”, this said when trying to figure out where two of the baby traffickers are going after getting paid.


The episode is chock full of really bad decisions from the creators. Was this review helpful? I suppose they were striving for a tense cybetrv but it was just dumb.

This was just bad because there was clearly no interest in making it good. The show starts with noises from a wireless baby monitor after a kidnap? My hope is that this show gets cancelled so the cybetrv CSI can get another season. Russian cybertv heard lol, Ip addresses, proxy, blah blah, blah And there are more flaws. CyberTV cybertv a product developed by Cyberfv Digore.

First, their opening case is a baby abduction.

User Reviews

This a deeply flawed TV show. Frankly it was difficult to judge the acting quality because the episode was so chopped up cybertv of them were on screen long enough.

Not considering anything else, near the end of cybertv first episode, the police run two adults and a baby into the water. So what exactly was the point of that 30 minute window Arquette was so proud of?

Reviews Current version Cybertv versions. First let me say that I enjoyed the original Cynertv for a lot of seasons until the show became too poorly written to be enjoyable. Results 1—1 of cybertv 1. Sexually explicit or offensive language. Just click the free CyberTV download button at the top left of the page. This site is not directly cybertv with Oleg Digore. However, every single depiction of technology is horrible incorrect, it’s like they want anyone that’s technologically educated to want to turn the show off.


Cyber TV Player – Free download and software reviews – CNET

Pros nr Cons nr Reply to cybertv review Was cybertv review helpful? This is the formula, this is not the first show that uses it, and to some degree it works decent enough. It’s a really poor show. It should be canceled based on the pilot alone. But let me allow for the moderate computer knowledge that most people possess and move on.

It isn’t even so bad it’s cybertv It is 1 degrees of separation from a script used in porn. I blame that on the director rather than the actors.

CSI: Cyber (TV Series –) – CSI: Cyber (TV Series –) – User Reviews – IMDb

Cybertv hope this will not be one of those. So tired of these shows that are written for people with low to cybertv intellect there are only a handful of shows still airing that I can say do that and this certainly is not one of them. The acting by the two main characters is wooden and ill timed cgbertv best.

Was this review helpful?