The two Cize calendars and how they work There is something in the customization of a program that I completely love. See, Cize will do some things for you, but not others. I just had a baby Nd need to lose a little weight and I hate going to the gym. Cize, thanks to the rhythm and carefully selected moves, will make you lose a lot of fat tissue, but without squeezing your energy to the last drop. I am at my heaviest at The same is true with the Cize dance workout. Each review published at Lifestyle Updated aims not only at covering the workout, but giving additional advice as well.

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Unlike other dancing routines that include Zumba and Hip Hop Abs from Shaun T — you can look at this as the advanced level of dance workouts.

Thanks cize shaun t your help! You mentioned that it was low impact and no pain. Side to side, it takes roughly 2 and a half meters in order to enjoy the moves fully. I am 53 and about 70 pounds overweight and am determined to lose the weight and ahaun back into shape. Thank u for asking. This will cut your learning time in half. That said — I do already want cize shaun t thank you so much for sharing such a detailed review!


My tip would be to play one song after each workout, that is unrelated tt the CD. And sadly not very coordinated.

Cize Review – Dance Your Way to a Fitter and Leaner Body

Remember how I mentioned that you can burn around calories per session? I tend to bulk up on my legs extremely quick. So glad you are enjoying Cize. Reply Meri, this was an absolutely brilliant review, thank you and I plan on ordering Cize this week. Reply Thank you for that Great! Which in turn means that Xhaun is excellent for beginners and people who never danced before.

Cize Review – Dance Your Way to a Fitter and Leaner Body

I am about to purchase Cize and am also dealing with knee issues. Every workout begins with Shaun T explaining the first move, and then you slowly repeat along. But saying it is a dancing routine, it would be selling it short.

So, to complete this circle, I have to stop the review and share with you few nuggets that make Cize better at what it does.


Thanks for the awesome review! Also extended range of motion and a lot of control over your body. Reply You can do it! The way I see it, this will be revolutionary. Then comes the next move, following the same pace. Many of my friends have asked me whether Cize works.

This was the most informative review I have ever read. I was on the fence deciding and was actually leaning towards purchasing a piece of exercise equipment, again, knowing it would be a fail. Is this what I cize shaun t be doing? What I can tell you though is that Cize is slowly breaking down the steps. Sometimes I press repeat three times in a row.

Tried to answer the same thing to Teia above. Reply Hey Betty, way to go! Thank you for that Great! Reply I just ordered Cize and am excited to get started!

I do what I can.