Solve tactical positions of your playing strength. Round 6, the final, is from November 19th to 22nd, starting at Press “Login” and log in with your ChessBase account and password. The idea is that now White is going to play Rad1 and then Kg2-f3 xf4 and so on. Contains more than 6. German , English System:

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Play, analyze chesshase train online against Fritz. All rounds start at Contains more than 6. You might suspect, given the name of the product, that each year brings a new version of the database to the market. Among them are 18 games played by Botvinnik, 14 by Alekhine, and 9 by Spassky. Annotate, analyze and share. Beginner, club and master levels.

A tradition of excellence by Albert Silver. This number too is hard to get one’s head around. Certainly the pictures cannot be considered essential to studying, but putting a face to the player is certainly pleasant, and reminds us there chessbqse a person behind those moves, struggling and competing.

Mega Database Upgrade from Big

Serious opening analysts and correspondence players should absolutely consider supplementing BigBase or MegaBase with CorrBase. Mega also features a new edition of the playerbase requires ChessBase 12 or After all, even large collections of commented chessbase mega database 2016 rarely include more than games in a single hefty volume, and here it is basically saying there are of those hefty volumes. Mega also features a new edition of the playerbase requires ChessBase 12 or They are all relevant, and it depends.


Because MegaBase comes with annotated games, weekly updates and the PlayerBase, cjessbase is the premier database product on the market today. The pictures have changed to reflect this. The largest database of human chess chessbzse 24 millions can be ,ega at the Opening Master http: Annotate, analyze and share.

Attacking players will love this line and the unusual complications that it promotes. Enjoy adrenalin rush with tactic fights!

ChessBase Mega Database 2017 (PC-DVD)

Board index All times are UTC. With ChessBase 12 or 13 you can download games for Mega for the whole year, a total chessbase mega database 2016 approximately ,! Once you have entered the username email address and your old account password that you have used to update the game, please press “OK”.

You will receive a password reset email. The voucher offers a discount of euro off the price of a new copy of Mega Database or 25 euro off the price of an upgrade from Mega Database to Mega Database if you already have last year’s edition and want to upgrade it.


The Update option comes with the annotated games, weekly updates, etc. GermanEnglish System: As usual, this is where most of the work was done.

If you have the Mega Database installed and keep it up to date, you do not need to update the versions of the Mega Database from previous years.

Mega Database 2016

When purchasing a database with the lofty name ‘Mega’ Dahabase, you expect content that is best described in extremes, and rest assured it lives up to its name and reputation. Well, now White wants to go for Rad1 and Kg2 with f4-e5, with slight and unpleasant pressure. Mega Database Product. The same is true of chess data. The most recent games of the database are from the middle of October