Turn around and pull the lever to fill the balloon. From the drawer, take a keycard and blank paper. Pick up the paper and read it. Turn the valve and continue across the skywalk to the other building. Place UV lamp in the lamp holder on side of projector.

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GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions.

Chemicus: Journey to the Other Side

To right pan, add fixing chemicus. This process takes no more than a few hours and we’ll send you an email once approved. Now go to cabinet hanging on the back wall and collect knowledge chip chemicus, cheemicusgelatinsodium chloride and potash.

Now remove chemicus silver bar and leave. Then turn and go down hall to 1st corridor on the right. The game has received extremely high acclaim for its educational content, and has been noted for this by different teaching authorities, and even by some adventure gamers.

At the office, head straight back to the furnace and add solder. Collect copper1oxide from the right dish.

Chemicus walk over to empty aquarium, place silver bar in it and fill with nitric acid. Go to the x-ray machine on the left side of the chemicus. In the computer center go to the computer on the right side of the room.


Walk forward and climb the stairs. Now go back to the second landing, replace the light in the compartment and turn on the spectrometer mostly reds.

Go to the table in the middle of the room. Once in the analysis lab, find the machine with the keycard and remove the keycard. Go back and remove keycard and push button to bring the elevator back chemicus.

Now close the compartment turn the dial back chemicus Ni Chemicus and leave the room. Collect ore from conveyor belt. Open the compartment to the dial and add the nail at Ni Cu. Once the oven heats up, open the spout on the right and collect solder template. Turn to the right and look on the shelf.

Now pull the lever in the center and collect the ice prism from the frig.

At the chemicus left end of the room, collect the swimsuit. At the top of the pole, add the ice prism. Put the rosebud in distillation chamber. Move the tile to expose the U-Pipe.


Enter chemicus building and walk around the room to to stairs. After walking out the chemicuus, turn to your left. This time you are going to go to the Chemicus Lab.

Turn around and pull the lever to fill the balloon. Go to the desk at the end of the room and collect starchcarbon dioxide and solution for color chromatography.

Chemicus – PC Review and Full Download | Old PC Gaming

Chemicus up knowledge chip. Remove key from cola to cchemicus key. Once in the room, place the left golden arm on the pedestal and move chemicus to the wall chart. Walk forward to center console turn left.