If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You give such a nice information.. With regard to the logistics of the panel , the standard for the controls and emergency stop requires installation in an area between 0. The new series of standards consider the electrical panel as an electrical component more or less complex consisting of: Since that time, a newly developed analytical and experimental design of the electrical panel is adopted, strictly dependent on the following figures which may also be different: Scarica l’articolo in formato PDF.

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What IEC 61439-1 & 2 Mean for Your Low-Voltage Equipment Specifications

Learn how your comment data is processed. Clearly defining the respective roles and responsibilities of original manufacturer, assembly manufacturer and specifier.

The degree of protection IPXXD is prescribed for horizontal barriers placed at a height lower than 1.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. BrunoOrsini Mi occupo di progettazione e consulenza di impianti elettrici ed elettronici, in particolare di impianti di trasmissione e ricezione a radio frequenza. As of Novemberthe previous IEC standard series for low-voltage equipment has been replaced by the new IEC standard series.

However, the new standard splits the previous three verifications into a item list. Developers of the new IEC series sought to address a number of perceived shortfalls in the previous guidelines.

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The panels for household and similar for nominal currents up to A do not fall within the scope of IECwhich will remain subject to the following standards: It is too good to study for same subject. Log in to Reply. This type of panels are made from a variety of input and cei en 61439 ne. In the absence of specific written agreementsthe manufacturer of the panel is obliged to em to the client only the following documentation: In fact, with the old structure of theeach sub-standard is fully autonomous.


This standard specifies the overall performance for all types of panels designed, constructed and tested in single quantitystandardized and manufactured in series. In practice, anyone who proposes a system of panels, namely a full range of mechanical, electrical and electronic described by a detailed catalog must provide a detailed manual of use and maintenance with any special conditions wn installation. Clarifying and reinforcing cei en 61439 and their requirements.

Complimenti articolo interessante e preciso, grazie veramente 6143 utile. And, just as important, this equipment has been tested to work together in complete assemblies.

The electrical panel and the new IEC 61439

The standards 661439, in particular those relating to the type of panelprovide the requirements for the ability to access parts of the panel by maintenance personnelreporting in a special attachment levels of accessibility. Type of use relating to the destination of use: With regard to the logistics of the panelthe standard for the controls and emergency stop requires installation in an area between 0.

Compliance with the new regulations is considered sufficient for the CE marking and the free cei en 61439 of cei en 61439 panel in all European Union countries. Scarica l’articolo in formato PDF. Over the yearswith regard to the regulatory cei en 61439the electrical panel has gradually abandoned its role as a simple container of equipment for command and protectionup to now assume the function of a real system consisting of various equipment and their interconnection.


They are generally made with two heights to mm and a width of and mm. However, any deviation from original manufacturer instructions will force a new, full design verification process. The highest level of accessibility is what has to allow the replacement 6143 addition of further equipment for command and control without the need to cwi the power supply.

Click here to cancel reply. A very important aspect is the technical documentation that has to be prepared by the manufacturer of fn panel that must include the following characteristics: Ok No Read more.

If this is not the casethe panel must be considered with a degree of protection equivalent to that of the component with the lowest Vei degree.

The original manufacturer carries out the original design and associated ceii of an assembly system. One potential area of confusion under the previous IEC standard was a difficulty in understanding who was responsible for specific types of safety and performance verification.

T he panel is an electrical component which performs the tasks of commandoperationcontrol and protection.