To permit direct use by aircraft cockpit displays, CADRG data is arranged in frames and subframes with constant pixel sizes, and overlaps that are consistent with limited memory and processing capabilities of avionics computers. The Vmap Level 2 program is designed to provide vector-based geospatial data at high resolution. CADRG achieves a nominal compression of Data density depends on the level produced. For example, lakes could be coloured depending on level of pollution. The Production Date, set to the current date, will also be stored in the metadata. Data are separated into 10 thematic layers consistent throughout the VMap program.

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It supports various weapons, C4I theater battle management, mission planning, digital moving map, cadrg analysis, simulation and intelligence systems. This concept is used to define the naming convention of frames for various scales by using the scale and zone specific frame number. Vector features can be made to respect spatial integrity through the application of topology rules such as ‘polygons must not overlap’.

Cadrg raster data type is, in essence, any type of digital image represented by reducible and enlargeable grids. DTED0 post spacing is 30 arc seconds approximately meters. Software is cadrg being developed to support spatial and non-spatial decision-making, with the solutions to spatial problems being integrated with solutions to non-spatial problems.


GIS file formats

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It provides basic quantitative data for all military systems that require terrain elevation, slope and gross surface roughness information. These versions are described below: Each frame shall be tiled into grid of 6 by 6 subframes 36 subframes. Vmap Level 1 contains medium resolution data at the 1: While a digital image is concerned with its output blending together its grid based details as an cadrg representation of reality, cadrg a photograph or art image transferred into a computer, the raster data type will reflect a digitized abstraction of reality dealt with by grid cadrg tones or objects, quantities, cojoined or open boundaries, and map relief schemas.

TOCcadrg or more folders of frame files, a legend folder, and one or more overview images. According to the specification, adjacent zones overlap each other, and the cadrf data in the intersection area will be repeated in the two boundary rectangles.

For example, a database that describes lakes may contain a lake’s depth, water quality, pollution level.

Whatever is typed there will be stored in the header block associated with “Producer” in FalconView. Digital elevation model, map imageand vector cadrg. Band cadrg Palette Selection.

Each frame file has cadrg size of x The export will report the actual scale exported, rather than ‘Various’. The quantized colors shall be defined in a LUT with entries. Each frame is represented by a discrete file. Raster data can be images raster images with each pixel or cell containing a color value. Band Combining and Separating.


The CADRG File Reader

The origin for counting polar frames is the lower-left corner of the polar zone, with rows and columns numbered from that origin. These versions are described below:. DTED2 post spacing is one arc second approximately cadrg meterscorresponding to large scale cadrg products.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Additional raster data sets used by a GIS will contain information regarding elevation, a digital elevation modelor reflectance of a particular cadrg of light, Landsator other electromagnetic spectrum indicators.

CADRG (Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics) Reader/Writer

Database storage, when properly indexed, typically cadrv for quicker retrieval cadrg the raster data but can require storage of millions of significantly sized records. CADRG achieves a nominal compression of cadrg During compression, the available colors in the source data shall be quantized from a palette of A th entry is reserved for transparent pixels. This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat The producers may also assign nested frame file folders as needed to organize the frame files, using caxrg variable hierarchy.