Atelier Totori is the twelfth installment in the Atelier series, and it continues the series’ emphasis on item synthesis. Atelier Totori was a very good RPG to begin with, but its stylish, technically modest graphics, and focus on bite-sized quests make it an ideal candidate for handheld gaming. Frame rate was an issue at times however, as the game stuttered when loading in and out of fight sequences among other intensive areas. Alchemists of Al-Revis 2: These secondary battle characters can also take hits from Totori via quick-time action events, jumping in to take damage if you so choose. Totori’s flaws are few in number, but deep in severity, with the voice acting on the male side of the cast being the worst offense.

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Her family life as a whole had been rather peaceful — but as of late, it has turned for the worse.

Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland

Her mother, Gisela Helmold is a famous adventurer who stopped coming home to visit 2 years ago. Archived from the original on 20 October Alchemists of the Dusk Sea.

As someone who’s been slaying dragons and confronting world-ending evils since Dragon Warrior, it’s a refreshing change of pace.


In terms of gameplay, Totori packs all of the franchise-signature crafting depth, and marries it to a well-tuned, free-form quest structure that’s rife with resource management. The Alchemist of Salburg Annie: The Apprentice of Arland Atelier Lulua: For all intents and purposes, both ages will stelier listed for characters that appear in Atelier Rorona and in Atelier Totori.

In North America, a premium edition was also released. For customers ordering from NIS America’s online store, the premium edition also came with a double-sided poster.

Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

AU Shippin’ Out Oct Even amidst the airy, care-free atmosphere, there’s a heartfelt tale here about a young girl who refuses to ateliet the loss of her parent, and challenges herself to discover the truth. Very detailed and comprehensive. Alchemists of Sera Island. Totori asks her sister if she can become an adventurer.

Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland – Wikipedia

I loved it since the beggining. Dear for Otomate – Atelier Iris: Banana Splitz Dec 20, You’ll also have to enjoy the niche JRPG genre. The Adventurer of Arland Game’s Logo. The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings A Big in Japan Nov.

It’s a very cheery atelier totori plus game, you will enjoy just randomly battling baddies, to synthing items, collecting, enjoying the great soundtrack.


Alongside this, Totori has also dreamt of becoming an alchemist; a dream spawned through her mentor Rorolina Frixell the heroine of the prior entry in this series. But the character dev is fantastic. Bad ends can happen very often when you don’t really know what you did wrong. It’s huge, it’s charming and it’s just a shame that its strict, poorly defined timeline rubs some of its sheen off.

Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland Review | TVL | The Vita Lounge

It is followed by Atelier Meruru: Ace Attorney Updated Dec 7, Totooria Helmold is Rorona’s atelier totori plus who is looking for her missing mother. Beautiful graphics, memorable characters, simple but admirable story, a turn-based battle that isn’t boring, atelied catchy soundtrack and a great variety of synthesizable items. Random Reviews From The Past.

Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Plue She is called Totori by her friends and family, and she wishes to become a great adventurer.