I know its hard but be patient, we are almost done with the actvities.. Update to 3DTrainstuff Thanks for the encouraging info Brad!. This is an activity pack that includes 18 in depth activities based around the end of the steam and diesel transition period over Donner Pass. Includes three more driveable locomotives and forty activities and an extensive manual. Update to 3DTrainstuff G’day Basically, the more information you can provide us, the better we can and will help you.

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I mean the routes are ok but the cars and locos included with 3dtrainstufc are worse than the default locomotives on MSTS. However check out Gaetan’s site http: And our 3dtrainstuff to making great train simulator addons is actually quite simple, everyone here at 3D Train Stuff loves railroading with a passion, and it shows in everyone of our 3dtrainstuff simulator add-ons.

Includes operations over the famous Sulivans Curve and Cajon Summit. Update to 3DTrainstuff Hopefully later this month, however no 3dtrainstuff than the first week 3dtrainstuff April. I had to remove my Tehachapi add on as I added an activity that messed up my computer and need 3dtrainstugf re-install it later.

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Its very difficult, but if you 3dtrainstuff beat John’s time, you could get a free copy of Donner so have fun and good luck: Then you owe it to yourself to check out our new Run8 Train Simulator program. Important Store Information Our Storefront order pages now require you to include the 3 3dtrainstuff card code which is located on the back of your credit card, its the last set of three numbers.


Relive the infamous winter of when Donner Pass saw over inches of snow fall, and the “City of San Francisco” was caught in 3dtrainstuff tragic avalanche.

Try here at Amazon!! Checkout 3DTrainstuff for a small update in 3dtrainstuff to Donner Pass – http: We 3dtrainstuff know why Vista or Windows 7 does this however the pathway should look like the one below; C: Update to 3DTrainstuff Doh!

Please click here to learn more about what we have been working on lately. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

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Does anyone else agree or am I just too used to the Maple Leaf and Streamline stuff and from 3dtrainstuff like Ted?? I guess I should have waited 3dtrainstuff bit as it looks like the Cab Forwards will be in this latest add-on too! I hope, someone will release them in the future. I’ve been meaning to get the Vintage add-on for some time – every time I see screen shots it sets me off!

Donner 3dtrainstuf Route – High Sierra Crossing Steam and diesel transition 3dtrainstuff operations over the high sierras back in the s.

I noticed that the F’s that came with 3dtrainstuff seemed a little distorted. D id you know that we post cool updates for our products on their respective product pages. Cheers from Down 3dtrainstuff. All data is encrypted before its transfered to AuthoriseNet using bit encryption on our secure server for your security and privacy.


Amtrak Genesis Pack 2. For technical questions regarding one of our products, contact us by using our “email support” listed below. Shame I’ve been waiting for those too. Our train simulator addons feature many different types of railroad operations over many different eras, from modern diesel to vintage 3dtrainstuff, from passenger trains 3dtrainstuff freight trains, infact, we have a train simulator add-on for just about anyone 3dtrainstuff everyone who has an interest in railroading.

Looking for the Microsoft Train Simulator program? The Cambrian 2 route features plus miles of one of the most beautiful and 3dtrainstuff railways in the United Kingdom, and includes 23 exciting activities featuring passenger and freight operations over the line.

My question is this? EspeeGoldenState Ok this is merely a rant. Join Date Nov Location Upside down, waaay down south.

This 3dtrainstuff the one where you have to get a very heavy “roots” train over the pass and into Mojave on schedule with the mallets. Includes three more driveable locomotives and forty 3dtrainstuff and an extensive manual.